Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Day off and other thoughts...

Yesterday, I spent the day being lazy.  Meaning, I went to Ojo, soaked, took a siesta and then met a friend for dinner.  Glorious way to spend the day.
Ojo is always a desireable occasion for me.  How could it not be?  The drive is gorgeous, especially now, as the leaves are changing.  I have coffee, my ipod and am surrounded by beauty.  Upon arriving, I check in and the ultimate relaxation begins.  Soaking in hot springs is amazing and something I try to do once a month.  Sometimes more.  For instance, I might be heading there next week with Melody and Christy.  All depends on when on Thursday they are able to go.  I spend a few hours, soaking, and finish with a stop in the steam sauna.  At this point, I am ready to shower away the toxins and head back to reality.  Recently, I discovered their restaurant and have had an obligatory post-soak glass of wine.  Lovely.
Yesterday, I abstained since I had happy hour plans and possibly plans after that.  I did not want to appear too boozy for those.  Instead, I took a nap and caught up on much needed sleep.  The past weekend was rough with work and lack of sleep.  I acted like I was in my early 20's and it was fun.  And took a toll on my sleep and hydration.  I am hyper aware of my hydration levels from the face plant I enacted in 2011.  I have no desire to do a repeat of that performance.
My friend, Jennifer, and I met at a newer restaurant and it was packed.  I am happy for the chef as I have always enjoyed his food.  A few years ago, another one of his places closed due to financial reasons.  He has always had delicious food in my opinion and I am glad that he seems to be thriving now.  We shared a thai beef salad, grilled eggplant and fried mac and cheese.  Two of the three were delicious.  The fried mac and cheese was a disappointment  There was supposed to be brussel sprouts with it, too.  I think there might have been one leaf as a garnish to the dish.  It seemed mediocre.
We concluded the meal and opted for an additional glass of wine for dessert.  It was great to spend time with a new friend.  I feel I am being more embraced by the city as the months continue.  I don't feel as much of an outsider and hope this trend continues.
My other friend contacted me to see where I was at and potentially meet for a drink.  Unfortunately, he had been under the weather due to a cold and was still recovering.  We rescheduled so that he could strengthen his immune system.  And, quite honestly, I was dreaming of reading a book and relaxing at my house.  What better way to conclude a day off?
I feel that I am hitting a plateau with yoga.  I hope to incorporate hiking, fitness tapes and running into my fitness regime.  Instead of inspiring me, I go to class and think of how bored I am and how terrible the music is.  I recognize that I have been complaining about the lack of yoga in SF for the last five months.  I had resolved to what was available and tried to make the most of it.  However, the last three weeks have made me realize that I should a) get certified myself and b) change up my routine.  One of the instructors that I like does not take constructive criticism well.  I think a break from her class will help me enjoy it more when I choose to return.  I mean, her music selection has sucked and she has done the same routine for the last three months.  I think I could do it in my sleep or I have considered listening to pandora during her flow.  I think that might piss her off, though.
I am off to meet with another friend.  Taking the bus and walking to enjoy the day.  It is gorgeous here.

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