Wednesday, November 19, 2014

weekend in denver

Weekend in Denver was amazing!  I drove up, early, Friday, in an attempt to go to a yoga class.  My intention was to support a studio where I knew the ladies from Phoenix.  I surprised the one and had a lovely class.  It wasn't phenomenal as it was a bikram/flow class where the class has the same flow on a daily basis.  This has never inspired me but I did appreciate the heat, the music and knowing that I could support some gals from AZ.  
Afterwards, I headed to Cherry Creek and met Maghan for lunch.  I knew that he had the day off and I always enjoy our conversations.  He is food friendly, worldly and likes wine.  Of course we get a long fantastically.  I talked to Lindsay and made plans to meet Sara Jo later in the evening.  I had a couple days and wanted to make the most of them.
We had a few pints and waited for Sara and Maghan to join us.  Downtown was packed and the energy was wonderful.  I remembered enjoying that aspect of living in a large city.  I missed it.  Eventually Maghan arrived, followed by Sara Jo.  We chit chatted with Steve and ate fried mushrooms.  I think we could have stayed there all night.  Super comfortable place and awesome beers.
We made plans to go have dinner in five points.  Of course the chef we knew had already left for the day.  I wanted to surprise him.  Dinner was great as it normally is when I get together with my friends.  We b.s. about previous travel, trips, food stories.  Maghan helped us with our first half marathon lodging in Napa.  He celebrated with us over Restaurant Week a few years ago in honor of Brian's life.  Having dinner in Denver was the perfect way to celebrate that year.  So, we have a history between us.  It's easy to fall back into the rhythm of that story.
Saturday encouraged taking care of ourselves and healing.  I met Bryn for coffee and scones at her place.   Lovely way to spend a Saturday morning.  Afterwards, Sara Jo and I went to my favorite spa place for a banya session.  Loved it.  Banya followed by an hour massage. I was in heaven.  Relaxed, rejuvenated, refreshed.  Yes, I adore spending time at this spa.  At this point, we wanted to have lunch, wine and figure out dinner.  Sara's dog, Lincoln, had been having health issues and so we wanted to stay close to home for dinner.  Lunch, however, was a different story.  We could dine out and drink wine.  Brussel sprout hash and mac and cheese seemed to be the way to go.
Rainy day inspired more wine.  We returned to Sara's with wine, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, crab cake and vegetables.  Perfect way to spend the evening.
Sunday, I woke up, knowing that I had to make the drive back to SF.  Work demanded it.  I had a quick cup of coffee before heading south to SF.  There were patches of snow the entire drive down.  I am not a fan of driving under these conditions but I had to be an adult and do it.  Took about six hours and I did arrive on time to work.
I returned refreshed and with a vision.  I am thankful to be here now, planning, my next adventure and of course, being in the present.  Cheers!

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