Monday, November 3, 2014

last day on the island

Our final day on the island meant we needed to hire a car to drive us back.  Our senora had a neighbor that drove people to the capitol city on a fairly regular basis.  We paid him $50, total, for the return trip.  I was excited for a leisurely ride.  I didn't take into account that the vehicle might be a mini van or that there would be many other passengers.  Seven of us rode the ride back.  I managed to switch places with one of the other girls and rode shot gun.  Thank god!  I think I would have been car sick and two of the others were boisterous.  I was able to block out some of it by sitting in front of them.
We were dropped off at the initial residence we stayed in.  Our landlord was at his residence and I could sense Shar's agitation.  I didn't mind walking a few additional blocks to track down our guy.  Easy fix and soon we were back in our secure flat.  I wanted to pick up a few more souvenirs before leaving.  We were sidetracked by our desire to check out the tropicana.  Shar mentioned that she wanted to go there and instead of questioning the why, I went along with it.  We convinced a coco taxi to drive us 12 km to the tropicana.  It was a large complex, with a cabaret show at night.  We had lunch and tried to figure out why this was a sought out place.  We walked out and asked the concierge to call us a cab.  He told us to walk to the street and we would find one.  Untrue.  We walked 20 blocks and without finding a hotel, a cab or someone to ask for help.  We were in an area that was not tourist friendly and although it was early in the afternoon, I could tell that Shar was uncomfortable.  I could have continued walking and been fine as it was light out.  We found a solo taxi and asked him to drive us to a plaza.  We felt safe escaping our walk back to downtown.
From our brief stop at the plaza we walked back to Juan's house.  Quick shower, for me, and we contacted our original cabbie to see if he wanted to meet us for a drink.  He did and so he picked us up and we checked out a restaurant with an incredible view of the city.  We were on the 33rd floor.  Pretty amazing view of the city and sunset.
Later we drove to a brewery and had a quick beer.  They offered three types of beer and it seemed like it would be a successful business venture.  At this point, I was interested in food.  I should have been more open with what I wanted.  Instead, I went with the flow and let Ronnie choose our dining spot.  It was not a good choice.  There were a few other diners in the place and a dj.  I think Shar enjoyed that aspect the most.  We ordered a bottle of wine and made entree options.  I wanted fish with capers and a white sauce.  Shar wanted steak with a sweet and soy sauce.  We waited for over an hour to receive the food and then it was terrible.  Shar picked at her steak and I managed to eat the fish.  Ronnie seemed fine with it.
Although dinner was lame, our last night was fantastic.  I didn't get anymore souvenirs or postcards.  I thought I could do that at the airport.  I am grateful that we visited and then super excited for the return to the Bahamas.  I was dreaming of better food.

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