Sunday, November 23, 2014

experiencing other yoga studios in NM

Friday night, I chose to go out with a few of my co-workers.  I knew I had an early morning and I was not interested in going to the club, the karaoke place or the electronica place.  We ended up at the local watering hole, which coincidentally, I had been to two other times that week.  Lame.  I felt like I was developing an intimate relationship with the bartenders there.  And the food.  My one friend loves the chicken tenders.  They are fried and sure, okay.  Great.  No, it's bar food that is okay.  I have a glass of wine and run into some other people I work with.  Busy spot for a Friday and as it winded down, I did consider heading over to the club place.  Mariah really wanted to go and I had not yet been there.  However, paying a cover to go into a club and hang out with 20 yr-olds was not the way I wanted to conclude my night.  I headed home and ended my night there.
Saturday I drove to ABQ and checked out a yoga studio.  It had been recommended to me by a girl in Santa Fe that is in the early stages of opening her own yoga studio.  I trust her judgment and like her vinyasa class when she teaches.  At any rate, I arrive and find a super clean studio.  One thing that annoyed me was that they do not accept cash.  Indicator of how things are in ABQ.  They felt it decreased the risk of being robbed.  They have a special for ten days for $10.  I took that option as a drop in is $20.  I figure I could drive down if I liked the class.
Friendly greeter who gives me a tour of their space.  Everything is impeccable.  Four shower stalls, amenities out the yang, they offer towels to use to cut down on my own laundry and mats.  I enter the studio and it is heated.  Another thing that I like about yoga is a heated class.  In Phoenix during the summers, they do not need to heat any studio.  It is hot enough.  Yet, I always preferred the heated class for a vinyasa flow.
The class started with the instructor telling us to grab two blocks.  Mental note--I do not like being told to grab props.  It forces me to put something back when the class ends.  Silly.  Sure.  But, I do not like using blocks, bolsters, blankets or straps.  I wonder how often the blankets are cleaned and it sort of freaks me out.
Anyways, I do as told and wait to see what we will do with the blocks.  Right away, we utilize one with some core work.  The instructor was not shy on core work which I did appreciate.  The music sucked which I think is typical in New Mexico.  I want a power packed class with appropriate music.  The music she chose put me to sleep.  We did a couple warrior poses and a few chatarangas.  The core work was accentuated which I did enjoy but I still prefer a class with chatarangas and flow.  I showered.  Awesome shower and nice product.  The space in the locker room could have been utilized better.  There wasn't really any good spot to dress.  The counter space was okay if you dodged giving a show to the person opening the door.  It was a little challenging.
Still, there was a lot of nice things that this studio offered.  I asked the instructor if they had a class where more chatarangas were incorporated.  She said that they really do not focus on that aspect of the vinyasa since it is a heated studio.  I was shocked since I, regularly, frequented two studios in Phoenix that were heated and specialized in vinyasa flow with many, many, many chatarangas taught.  Her explanation was that the heat was too much and that people would pass out...what?  Obviously, you aren't letting people push their limits and I was disappointed.  I told her that I live in SF and was having a difficult time finding an instructor that taught what I call yoga.  Immediately, she asks me if I had been to the local guru class that I do not enjoy, at all.  I said, no, it is not intense enough for me and I do not like it.  I think I surprised her.  This guy also teaches at their studio in ABQ.  In a heated format, perhaps, I would find something to enjoy.  His music is awful though.
So, I don't know if I will return to this studio.  I have the option too as I have a 10 day pass.  Still, it takes time to get down to ABQ, gas money and then there is the integrity of the class.  I know what I am looking for and I have not found it here.
I returned home and booked a trip to Phoenix.  Purely for a yoga retreat and reminding myself that I can endure in a heated challenging class with awesome music.  I cannot wait!
I am off now to return to a class that I frequent regularly.  I am hoping to approach the instructor with changing her music.  Lately, her selection has bored me.  I am not a fan of traditional yoga sounds.  I want rap....

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