Monday, November 10, 2014

yoga and other disasters

Just a thought....but how rude would it be if I pulled my phone out during yoga and put in headphones to listen to my own music?
I have been contemplating that option for the last two weeks.  I try.  I do.  I go in to the class with an open mind.  Lately, the one girl's class that I enjoy frequenting has been terrible.  She has not changed the vinyasa flow which I could forgive if the music was inspiring.  When I first started attending her class, she had a great music selection.  I thought she was the only bright light in SF.  Then and I don't know why, she changed the music.  Started incorporating some of the spiritual stuff into the sequence and covers of decent songs that are covered poorly.  Instead of an upbeat rhythm she had a slow moving flow.  I have one more class on a pass at one studio that she teaches at.  I will go today as I am too lazy to actually go running.  I know that running is in my future since I am hitting a plateau of sorts with yoga.
So, I ask again, how rude would it be if I listened to my own music in her class?  I think I would be able to zen out instead of freaking out while in the class.  I cannot stop thinking about how terrible the music is or how bored I am.
I plan on heading to Denver this weekend to see friends and enjoy the city.  I hope to attend a yoga class.  I miss being inspired.  Hiking is helping and I can incorporate other workouts into my regime.  A customer suggested a kettle ball class which I hope to look into.
I made dinner the other night for a friend.  I was so excited to be entertaining at my house.  I cannot tell you the last time I have done this.  When I lived in Tempe, my rental was so tiny.  The idea of inviting someone over to make dinner never occurred.  There just wasn't the space.  I went shopping, cleaned my house, got a pedicure (because I wanted to and needed it) and started to make dinner.  I was excited.  I forgot to mention that I had to buy plates since I didn't have any.  When I move, I give everything away and start over.  Since moving here, I haven't made it a priority to nest or create a home really.  I work a lot and find myself dining out.  I have small appetizer type plates that have survived several moves.  Think 2002ish?  I don't know.  They are part of my life.
Anyways, I went to goodwill and found a few plates so that I would be able to serve dinner.  In addition, I purchased a few serving bowls and I was kicking myself for getting rid of all of my serving plates.  I had some great ones in Denver.  I had some champagne, chilling, and waited for my friend to arrive.  He was early which should have been an indication that the night was about to go south.
I put out the salad and olive mix and explained that I needed to roast the cauliflower and that it would be in stages.  I would cook the tuna when the cauliflower was compiled.  Michael was antsy and I could tell that he would have preferred being with his cousins.  One of his cousins had returned from Seattle and a bunch of his friends were meeting downtown to celebrate.  He had agreed to dinner at my place and so he was at my place, begrudgingly (I think).
It became increasingly awkward.  I wasn't trying to make him feel pressured into dinner.  I was just so excited to be able to cook for someone else.  It's been a long time.  I attempted to explain that to him right as I served the main courses.  He couldn't eat fast enough and I had no appetite.  I couldn't figure out why the change of attitude in having dinner with me outside of the fact that he really wanted to meet his friends out.  In hindsight, I wish he would have canceled or asked for a rain check.  It was that awkward and terrible.
He finished and said, I could keep the extra bottle of wine he brought.  I looked at him like he was insane.  Of course, I was keeping the wine.  Why would I give it back?  Obviously, he doesn't know me, at all.
I stayed home and chose to clean up the morning after.  Big mistake.  I hate dealing with dishes the day after.  I hope to be able to entertain, again and soon.  Probably invite Melody over or one of my co-workers.  In my mind, it was innocent.  A good will gesture to spend time at my house and share a meal.  I wasn't trying to propose or anything.  It was dinner.  But somehow our wires got crossed and he overreacted.  Ahh, being in my 20's again.

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