Thursday, November 6, 2014

TBT--2010, Agnese's visit to Denver

 In 2010, I was marathon training, dreaming of new travel and spending a fair amount of time running with the Goddess.  She, too, is a travel junkie (to a certain degree).  She and her sister had arranged a culture exchange where they would host a leader and six other kids in the States and then be hosted in the respective country.  For Lindsay, that meant hosting an Italian girl named Agnese.  Her sister went to Prague.
We met at a baseball game.  I had managed to snag my company tickets and spend time with Andy, a friend, whose seats were next to the the bull seats.  Of course, we had beers pre-game.  Lovely night and a great way to showcase our love of this national past time.  I think we won that night, too.  Lindsay is a huge rockies fan.
 Running was a cornerstone of that summer.  I joined a local running group and committed my Saturday mornings to running with them.  I tried to run with Lindsay once a week, too.  Thankfully, Agnese enjoyed running and so we did a quick out and back at the high line canal.  I felt we should celebrate the run with appetizers at one of my favorite spots in Denver.  Agnese thought we were under dressed.  I told her we would be fine.  I knew the chef, the bartender and several of the servers.  I was right.  We were treated like royalty and she loved the calamari, too.
 A few days later, Agnese and Lindsay stopped by my work to watch the world cup game.  Eventually, we made our way to enjoy a sunday funday of sorts.  Onion rings at elway's.  Actually, we had a carb loaded feast.  Mac and Cheese, scalloped potatoes, green chili corn and onion rings.  Delish and I was glad that I was running on a semi-regular basis.
Next, we went to City Park to check out Jazz in the Park.  We sort of missed the entire performance and caught the final minutes of the show.  We walked to the local cocktail spot for one more beverage.  Lindsay's brother in law picked us up and chauffered us to our respective destinations.  From this experience, I had a travel companion (for life) and a few friends to visit in Europe.  Lindsay and I have traveled to wine country, twice, and I think we will travel there again.  I visited Agnese in 2011 and had a blast in Geneva and Italy.  2012, Agnese and her boyfriend met Sara Jo and I in Santa Barbara.  Next year, I am supposed to meet Agnese in Spain.  I am thankful to the people I have met and people I will continue to meet.  Every day, I have the opportunity to cultivate a new friendship.  For example, I randomly met this girl while at work a few weeks ago.  I mentioned that I was a little out of it due to my recent traveling.  Her brother had also visited this island on a boat.  A few weeks later, I was at a yoga class that I typically do not attend.  However, there was a substitute teaching the gospel class and I normally enjoy the sub's music selection and flow.  I entered the class and noticed the instructor was pregnant.  Very pregnant.  Should have been my first indicator that the class would not be what I was looking for.  It started and the music was uninspired.  I forced myself to stay for an hour.  The class is an hour and 45 minutes.  At about an hour in, two people left.  I chose to leave that that point too.  I was struggling to stay focused and kept seeing myself getting hurt from boredom.  I stopped the girl who left prior to me and asked her why she left.  Her response, I am so bored.  I came for a work out and that is not what I found.  I am going to go for a run.
We kept chatting and she goes, I met you at dfg the other day.  You returned from the Bahamas recently, right?  I remembered her and and we exchanged a few additional niceties and details about our lives.
Imagine my surprise when I am at lunch with another friend yesterday.  Kristina is a financial investor and I met her at a baby shower.  Seems odd, I know.  However, this baby shower was epic.  Catered, full bar and no sit down to watch the opening of presents.  I loved it.  And, it was where I met Kristina.  So, she casually mentions her friend, Allegra, and ding ding ding....I know it is the girl that I met at dfg and the yoga class.  Kristina said, yes, she rented our casita for two years and is a dear friend of mine.  I was just thinking about how much you two would get along.
Ironic and true.  I reached out to Allegra and will see where that road leads.  She and her brother are currently overseeing their parent's winery in NY.  I always enjoy meeting wine friendly, travel friendly people.
Celebrate, Enjoy & Taste life, every day~

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