Tuesday, November 25, 2014


In the last month, I have overheard several conversations regarding the decline of the written note.  Last night, this established man who owns his own business and is in his 50's said, "I have a 22 year -old kid that wears a hoodie and is constantly on his phone.  He doesn't talk.  He just texts and does the social media stuff.  I was told that I would need to hire someone of this caliber to be relevant in today's world."  Really?
It was funny how he explained it.  He wasn't impressed by the fact that the hoodied kid did not talk.  He just sits there and plays with his phone.  Memorable to some degree.  I guess.  The clothing and fact that the kid does not speak.
Social media is relevant and our world is evolving.  It is obvious in schools.  The absence of cursive writing teaching in schools and what this is doing to our society.  Many people today do not know how to communicate outside of texting.  I remember this woman saying that her son does not know how to sign his name in cursive.  He was never taught how to cursive write in school.  He prints his name whenever asked for a signature.  Seems very strange and foreign to me.
Granted my handwriting can be and is atrocious at times.  All of my friends can attest to this.  I sent Shari and Tom a postcard from my recent trip.  It was received while they were hosting a dinner with friends.  Their friends were shocked at how challenging it was to decipher what I was saying.  Became a parlor game of sorts.
I do enjoy writing letters, cards, notes.  I think it allows me to express my creative side.  I cannot imagine not being able to hand write a letter.  My printing is awkward and challenging too.  I always seem to slant into cursive.
I digress.  It is imperative to know how to write, communicate, interact in every social situation.  Texting is a poor substitute for social communication.  Sure, I do it.  I make happy hour plans, arrange hiking dates, yoga, etc....I also know how to phone someone to make plans.  E-mail.  Write a letter and actually speak when in social situations.  I notice more and more that people do not make an effort in speaking.  They are more comfortable communicating via text.
There are so many ways to misinterpret a text.  It's confusing that this is now the preferred way of interacting.  I am making an effort to meet with friends, in person, this week and having an honest conversation.  I have managed to set up a hiking date on Wednesday to meet with someone that I recently met.  He is adjusting to recovering from rotator cuff surgery.  So walking/hiking is an acceptable form of exercise.  Plus, as he pointed out, taking time to enjoy being outdoors and walking forces you to see a lot of things that are overlooked on a daily basis.  I am looking forward to enjoying the outdoors.
I think there is a trip to Ojo in my future today in spite of the random snow storm from yesterday.  My way of celebrating turkey day as I will be working Thursday.  Will check the road conditions and go.  Beautiful day to soak.

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