Sunday, November 2, 2014

horse back riding, cigars and the beach

The cab ride was uneventful.  I tried to sleep the majority of the way since we went home around 4 am.  I needed to sleep.
We convinced the driver to stop for coffee if he knew of a convenient place.  As we left the city, my hope for coffee diminished.  About an hour and a half later, we stopped for gas, coffee and an attempt at a sandwich.  I just ate.  Didn't even consider how terrible it looked.  I didn't want to consider that as I knew I wouldn't be able to gag it down.  We ordered coffee, too.  Of course, they didn't have any half and half and it was served in a small plastic cup.  Very inconvenient and did not really satisfy my coffee needs.
At any rate, we arrived in the beach town about 1 pm.  We had an address of a woman that had rooms available according to our couch surfer's hook up.  We gave the cabbie the address and hoped that we would be able to arrange a room for a day or two.  We were undecided if we wanted to check out another city or not.  However, considering how much time it took to get places, it would be preferable to stay in the city and explore the additional day.  We opted for that route after thinking about our options.
That day we bought souvenirs, post cards and checked out the town.  There wasn't much time to see the beach or explore the surrounding area.  It was a chill day that we needed.  The dancing from the previous night had zapped our energy.
Dinner was made at the casa.  Our host was gracious and the food was delicious.  A nice treat.  The next morning, we woke early, to make our way to the waterfalls.  Our guide told us that we would horse back ride for 20 minutes, swim for an hour and have lunch.  I wore shorts and sandals as I thought the horse back riding would be minimal.  Little did I know.  Try 3 hours of horseback riding.  I think the last time I have been on a horse was when I was 8 or 9 years old.  Thankfully, I managed to relax and enjoy the ride.
The waterfalls were beautiful.  We stayed for about an hour and enjoyed the scenery.  They had a mariachi singer and offered fruit, coconut water and beer.  Shar chose coconut water while I drank a beer.  After the swim, we had a coffee and cigar at another hut where our horses were chilling.  The coffee was strong and delicious.  I wanted to prolong the ride back to the lunch spot.  The horse back riding was beginning to wear on me.  Lunch was roasted pork, avocados, beans, plantains and a squash dish.  The squash was amazing as well as the avocados.  I swear, I could live on avocados daily.
We waited for it to stop raining before heading back to the city.  I really despised the horse at this point and we were in a hurry to return so that our guide could pick up his next group of tourists.  I am sure that it was not that long of a ride but it seemed like it took forever.  We paid the guide and headed back to Nairobi's house.  I wanted to check out the beach and needed to grab a fresh towel.  Beautiful beach.  A little rocky but gorgeous.
 Had to have a visual of me and the cigar.  Seriously about the only time I will ever smoke one.
That night, we returned to the house and enjoyed another wonderful meal prepared by our hostess.  Definitely the way to dine as many of the restaurants had inadequate food.  She made shrimp, black beans, rice, avocados and plantains.  Absolutely divine.  The trip was incredible and my travel partner was perfect.  We both have similar beliefs on traveling and so it was easy to explore the country with Shar.  Sure there were a few hiccups due to us being naive but overall, we were aware of our surroundings and let our intuition guide us.  Because of that, we had some incredible experiences.  The dancing was one of the highlights for sure.  

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