Wednesday, November 12, 2014

random thoughts and upcoming travel

Thinking about a trip to Denver soon.  Of course, last weekend I could not make it happen.  All of my co-workers were unwilling to help me out and then I had to force the disaster dinner.  Seriously, it was only dinner in my mind.  Nothing more, nothing less.  I wanted to cook and enjoy my living space.  I love my rental.  It is cozy and rarely do I have the opportunity to share it with others.  I must work on meeting more people in SF.  That should be my new goal.
Ironically, my manager chose to limit everyone's shifts to under four this week.  Thus, forcing people to want to pick up shifts.  I had no issue getting Friday covered.
At any rate, last weekend would have been preferable.  My one friend's husband would have been hunting and there was no snow.  This weekend, well, there is a chance of snow in addition to the fact that it is currently snowing.  No me gusta.
No, I am not a fan of snow.  I know that I will encounter some in Santa Fe.  I bought new tires yesterday to hopefully enjoy a winter here.  That is the plan at least.
I am conflicted on where to dine in Denver.  Do I frequent my standby favorites or try something new?  It's hard to pass up calamari at one of the spots.  However, my favorite server is no longer there.  And, I want to meet somewhere central so that it is convenient for both Lindsay and Sara Jo on Friday.  We are meeting up for happy hour/dinner.  It always starts innocently and then concludes with us drinking too much wine.  I am an enabler.  I think that is what my friends call me sometimes.
I am excited to be heading home and seeing friends.  Of course, I wish I had more time to spend in the city.  Mostly, I want to take care of some things that can only be taken care of in Denver.  I hope to hit a yoga class.  I know of a new studio that does play phenomenal music.  I used to frequent their studio in Phoenix and so I am hoping to surprise the owner by showing up for class on Friday.
Planning a trip allows me to stop being so reflective as to the current state of my life.  I go through these periods more and more frequently, it seems.  I question what I am doing with my life or what I should be doing is the better question.  I love the service industry and it has allowed me a wonderful life.  I mean, how many people can travel like I try to?
And then I think--should I be doing more?  Should I get certified to teach yoga?  Go back to school?  Learn a new skill?  What is stopping me?  I have time.  I have desire.  I suppose it would conflict with my travel to some degree.  I really hope to meet my friend, Agnese, in Spain 2015.  Yet, I can make the time to do more.
I think of what I attract to my life.  Yoga, health, wine (obviously) and travel.  Is there a way to combine my loves and make money?
I leave on that note.  I am off to work to spread joy and food knowledge.  Knowing that I will be an active participant in the food scene this weekend. I cannot wait!

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