Friday, April 27, 2018

changing perspectives and creating more fluidity in teaching

Another day off and opportunity to teach.  I am enjoying pushing my limits and seeing what is possible.  I started the journey of yoga teaching because I wanted a more challenging class.  I found yoga in 2006 while living in Denver and consistently practiced it while living in Phoenix.  My studio of choice, there, offered a heated vinyasa noon class.  I fell in love with the yoga taught there.  Physically challenging with innovative sequences and a killer play list.  Yes, I am a snob to the music factor.  I always perform better when the music is soulful, upbeat and rhythmic.  I find that I love me some rap and r & b while flowing from posture to posture.  Sort of like dancing but with breathing, focusing on holding postures and gaze.  I moved to Santa Fe and the yoga there was more spiritual.  More chanting was involved and expected.  Some of the teachers offered good flows but I struggled to fully invest myself in that community.
After attending numerous subpar classes in my opinion, I convinced myself that I would be able to do a better job.  Create a kick ass sequence that would appeal to people.  It would be physically challenging and hard.  I have attended a few of these classes and it is my jam.  I prefer to not think or anticipate the next moves.  I like to be surprised.  I wanted to replicate and introduce the Arizona way to people in Santa Fe or now Denver.  I could create a niche that is missing here.
I have been teaching for the last month and I am finding that I am wrong.  Most people want mindfulness, adjustments and strengthening.  They are not interested in a mind-bending sequence.  I cannot generalize as I have taught a few students that have a strong background in yoga.  A different sequence for them is appealing and they look forward to it.  They have offered constructive criticism which I appreciate, too.  Loosely, I create the sequence of how I intend to teach each individual experience.  Recently, I have found that my way of busting out sun A's is not for everyone.  It is a humbling experience and I am finding that I am learning more from it than I ever thought I would. I am expanding my teaching capabilities and it is rewarding.  Today, I completely tried to teach a foreign way to me.  I don't think it quite resonated but I see the benefits of attempting a new way to build heat in the body as opposed to crushing sun A's and sun B's.  I prefer beginning a class this way.  Immediately, I feel warm and ready to bend, twist, stretch my body.  Or attempt inversions and bold twists.  I need to be warm before stretching my hips or detoxing my organs.  I cannot just break into one of those postures while cold. It is unsettling and difficult.  There must be a balance that could integrate holding postures in the beginning and utilizing the vinyasa sequence to build heat and make the class flow in a thoughtful, challenging way.
I thought I was teaching Sara Jo today, too.  Had written it in my planner and made space for it in my day.  Considered a class that would focus more on strengthening and stabilizing.  Then she went radio silent.  Instead of waiting around for her to make contact, I attended a yin class.  I thought it would be great research and development for teaching Sara.  The gift of holding postures to release/break through the fascia tissue.  It is definitely not my preference. Holding postures and relying on breath work and gravity to create ease is not my idea of a good time.  My mind starts to wander and freak out.  Especially if the posture is uncomfortable.  I just want it to stop!  Thankfully, today it wasn't terrible and she offered an extended corpse pose.  I returned home and fell in to a deep sleep.  I will take it.
I have been considering doing more yoga teaching and creating space in my life for it.  I am inspired to be more present on my blog, too.  Lately, I have been full of ideas and wanting to bring them to light.  Shine bright and often, lol.  I am heading to Minneapolis next week and think I will take that time to figure out how to put some ideas in to motion.  It is time to do more for me!  And share some of the knowledge I have found on this journey of yoga and life.  I love connecting people and thrive when I have the opportunity to do that.  I wrote a few notes this week to continue that trend and establish roots.  I feel like fully being home in Denver.
I will conclude this for now.  I feel like I am all over the place right now, lol.  Enjoy your evening.  May it be present, lovely and mindful~

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