Friday, April 6, 2018

Day of health and fitness

I started my day attending a barre class.  I thought it would kick start how I wanted to participate on Thursday.  Exercise, all day.  I considered an all levels 7 am yoga class but then reconsidered.  I like the instructor.  She has great descriptors and adjectives.  Her flow is not terribly challenging and the music selection definitely could improve.  Moreover, the studio does offer a class at 10:30 that fit in with what I was hoping to achieve.  Take the class and forty-five minutes attend a power vinyasa class at a heated studio.  Perfect.
I tried to book the class on my phone.  The app would allow me to enter the site but completely buffered when I was trying to view the schedule.  I thought I could access it from my laptop.  Also, a bust.  I checked other studios that I frequent with the same results.  When I went to see the schedule, I struggled. I figured out that the mind body app was malfunctioning.  Finally, my studio emailed me that yes, in fact, the app was malfunctioning.  I attended barre and then drove over to the yoga studio.  I mentioned that I had called to arrange my attendance at the class since their app was not working and they concurred that the schedule was down due to mind body.  It's funny.  As the day progressed, I saw many other studios on social media mentioning that although the app was down, they were open.
The barre class was decent.  Lots of core and some glute work.  The yoga class was mediocre.  Typically, I like this instructor and her music selection.  Yesterday, I struggled.  I just couldn't identify or relate to what she was hoping to achieve.  Being present in the moment, lol, was her theme of the class.  She chose a few challenging postures to exemplify her point and reasoning.  She noted that many times we are looking for an exit strategy while performing a task.  Her example, snowboarding.  She told her husband that they would do four more runs and then head to the lodge for hot chocolate.  He was dismayed since they had just arrived and already she was planning her leave.
I do understand her point and try to be present in my life. I was bored, distracted and unable to gel with the class.  I despise the frog position and she held it for some time.  It irritates my hips and knees and overall is extremely uncomfortable.  I tried to remain in the position for as long as I could.  My hips were screaming at me and I had to adjust to child's pose.
Afterwards, I returned home and read.  I am making an effort to read books instead of streaming shows on my laptop.  It is the lazy way out.  I realize how much pleasure I receive from reading a book.  It enables me to disappear for a stretch of time.  I had made arrangements to teach my friend, Roxanne.  We had been planning this for over a year.  Timing, injury and other factors postponed our meet up until last night.  I walked to her new apartment and then taught for an hour. I keep returning to how much this seems to be my way right now.  I want to be focusing on my health and this supports that.  It inspires me to keep learning and seeing what is out there and how I can make it mine.   The space in her building was great.  Although, I would prefer booking the space without interruptions.  That was a little unsettling.  However, I think, if we chose a different time of day, it would be ideal.
Thursday was all health centered.  Today will be a mix of health, wellness, and celebration.  Meeting Brie for lunch and possibly attending a yoga club later.  I am uncertain.  It is opening Day, here, and that is a party in itself.  I will avoid downtown to be moderate.
Enjoy your day however you choose to spend it!

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