Sunday, April 15, 2018

Goals and planning

I am still sore from the private training session Friday.  My arms are sore and my core is tight.  Yesterday, I was lazy and I am okay with it.  I think it is important to take days off and let your body rest.  Of course, it would have been more beneficial had I read a book or meditated as opposed to watching tv.  I recognize that I should be reading or being productive on rest days.  Watching t.v. can be super relaxing.  Ultimately, a waste of time though.  I think of how much time I spend being unproductive.  I believe, it is a way to distract myself from doing what I should be doing.  Creating, exploring, writing, traveling, teaching to name a few things that I am interested in.  It's easier to fail or not even try if that makes sense.  I can definitely distract myself with mind numbing tasks.
I am attracted to some goal setting.  I think it is realistic and I have always enjoyed to do lists.  I like the action of crossing things off my list and feel lost when I don't have something to look forward to.  Traveling, always, has a spot on my list.  I have an upcoming trip to Minneapolis that I am looking forward to and then there is D.C. in June.  I am meeting a friend from high school who is currently hiking the Appalachian Trail.  I have considered a trip to Greece at some point in 2018 and think I should buy the tickets.  Why not?  What is stopping me?  Seriously.  It is a place that I have always wanted to explore. I had tickets to Athens in 2001 and a dream of riding the train to explore other countries in Europe.  Italy was a definite as I would check out the Amalfi Coast before heading to France, Budapest and Spain.  I think of how my life would have been had I taken that trip.  I doubt that I would be in Denver.  Honestly, I have no idea where I would have ended up.  I might still be in Europe, haha.
I do love Denver and it is my chosen home.  I like to make lists of where I want to travel, each year, and that I have to throw in some adulating tasks.  I do not like these tasks.  Yet, they are necessary. The dentist.
The obgyn.
Taxes--the most recent cross off my list. Yuck.  And, a necessary adult task.  The dentist made a major dent in my travel budget since I had procrastinated for as long as I could.  When I finally made an appointment I received a laundry list of things I must do.  Scaling my teeth which was painful and I despised it.  A few cavities, here and there, and a crown.  The dentist felt that should be first plan of attack.  An upper crown which  I didn't enjoy at all.  Afterwards, I asked what should be a priority.  She noted that I should continue to follow the cleaning plan and mix in some cavity action, too.  I am putting that off later in the year.
I consider decreasing my personal training sessions to once a month.  It is spendy and some times I have guilt arriving after meeting friends for happy hour.  Courtney makes me accountable for my choices and some weeks are worse than others.  Stress can definitely do that to you.  I am incorporating more meditation to deal with that.  And saying no to meeting friends.  It is okay to say no sometimes.
I should compile a complete list of goals.  Health, abundance, fitness, travel, even wines I want to drink.  That would be excessive.  I would love to continue to learn about wine and regions, too.  In an effort to be productive today, I am heading to yoga.  Namaste!

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