Sunday, April 22, 2018

Friday Funday....

A few days late but memorable nonetheless.  I worked Thursday night and arrived at home around 2 a.m.  It was unexpected and atypical.  I had arranged an early morning training session and knew that my body would need lots of rest.  Courtney has been intensifying our sessions over the last month and so I knew it would be in my best interest to arrive fresh and rested.
I changed my in time with her since I had a client at 9:30 following my session.  Roxanne was heading to Breckenridge and so it was time sensitive.  On Thursday night, she reached out to see if I would mind if one of her friends joined our session.  I thought about it and decided it would be good to try a group session in a safe place.  I didn't know her friend--her fitness level, familiarity with yoga or if she had any injuries.  When I work out with Roxanne, I take into account that she does not love yoga and that we are building her practice up.  Lots of push ups and building postures.  I wanted to make sure that the class would be challenging for her and her friend.  In the morning, she texted me to tell me that her friend had plantar fasciitis.  I am familiar with that ailment and have some tools to ease the discomfort.  I wanted to stop by my place to grab those items to introduce in our session.  Overall, it went really well and I appreciated the opportunity to work with both of these ladies.  We were all sweating and I think that Roxie was more comfortable with the breath work working alongside her friend.  It was like things started clicking.
Afterwards, I rushed home and set up my place to meet Sara Jo.  She has injured herself recently--lumbar/sacrum discomfort.  I knew that I would be altering my flow to customize a strategy for her.  More stretchy and building strength.  Less flow and chatarangas.  I wanted to see how much flexion she had in her hip.  We tried down dog and it's not quite there yet.  I incorporated some core and of course, pushups.  I know that in order for her to recover she needs to strengthen her core and stabilize her lower back.  I believe we will be practicing once a week to aid in her recovery.
We had made plans to check out the Degas exhibit at the art museum.  It's been years since I have been at the museum and it's lovely.  Eventually, we did tour the exhibit after a wine inspired lunch in Cherry Creek.  Downtown was busy with the baseball game and onslaught of 420 supporters.  I wanted to avoid that celebration and so we stayed east to celebrate the day.  Boozy lunch followed by a quick tour of the museum.  I do enjoy days off in Denver.
We chose to walk back to our neighborhood instead of hiring a car.  We made a brief stop before finding a new ramen spot on Colfax.  I had dined there for lunch in the last month.  They offer poke and ramen which I enjoy.  I told Sara that we should check it out and we caught the tail end of happy hour.  The place was packed and patiently we waited watching the one bartender take care of the entire place.  I think she was a little overwhelmed.
We tried the spicy edamame, some ramen and octopus.  I didn't love the octopus or the ramen but I would return to check out other items.  The edamame was delicious.  I loved the flavors and it was a great way to begin the meal.  They offer $3 Sapporo during happy hour which is also nice.  We finished the night by hiring a car to take us back to our neighborhood.
I woke up on Saturday and was immediately struck by how sore I was.  I know that a lot of it is due to my training session with Courtney.  She beat me up.  And then I extended the work outs by practicing with Roxie and then Sara Jo.  I did all of the push-ups with them.  Let's just say, I still feel sore.  And my core is screaming at me, too.
Today, I think a more restorative yoga class is in my future.  I have been attending a gospel type of class on Sunday mornings that I enjoy. However, I have plateaued a little with this particular instructor.  I need to distance myself from her class to return and be inspired.
Yoga beckons.  More growth and expanding my personal practice.  Enjoy your day!

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