Saturday, November 14, 2009

I have gratitude...

Yes, I have gratitude. I can still wear shorts in Denver, in spite of the oncoming winter storm watch. I went on a walk, today, in 35 degree weather and it felt glorious to being shorts and enjoying what remains of fall.
I am thankful for my new neighborhood. I was supposed to go running with the Goddess, today, but I wasn't feeling it. I sent her a text, with a simple explanation and suggested meeting another day. Had it been sunny, I would have went. I know that I could have mustered the desire to go for a run.
I cleaned my house and decided to walk to my old neighborhood. I miss it. I do. It feels like home to me. I bought a coffee and was on my way. I wanted to check the Logan rental to see if I had acquired mail. Of course, the old neighbors were not at home. Whereas in the past, I would count on them to be outside, yelling at their dogs or in their house, on-line. Rarely, were they unavailable. I saw mail, but had no way to access it.
I do like my new neighborhood. I have been gone and haven't established myself here yet. I returned from my walk and felt rejuvenated. I could have went running was the immediate thought.
Perhaps I don't have a set purpose, but I am thankful for my life. I am thankful for my desire to have a goal, whatever it may be. I miss training for the marathon. I have been incredibly restless and I think, a lot of it, is due to not having a goal right now. I was content with the training as it took up oodles of my time. I thought I was happy with being able to work on Friday night or Saturday morning, again, but it isn't enough. I realize that now.
I am grateful for my friends and family. They listen to my endless complaining about said restlessness or my inability to decide on how to grow up. I know that I must at some point.
Or do I?
I do have gratitude. I will continue this later....There is more to consider and be grateful for....

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