Friday, November 6, 2009


Truffle them.
This morning, I was in Lawrence and trying to decide where to eat. Did I want mexican, again, or something different?
I ate at El Mezcal, the first day. In college, I loved the margaritas at El Mezcal. I had forgotten that that was all I loved about El Mezcal. Margaritas--awesome, food, not so much. I had scrambled eggs, tortillas and beans and rice. The eggs were bland and tasted old. I ate the chips.
Yesterday, we ate at Tortas Jalisco. I liked the chips--made to order. Margaritas were bland. I think it was sweet and sour, with a splash of tequila. Anyways, the chips were great, the eggs were decent and I liked the salsa. It was a definite improvement over El Mezcal.
Today, we considered La Parilla. It is a south american restaurant that I have enjoyed in the past. My sister fell down the stairs, one time. Completely different story, but a great restaurant, nonetheless.
I needed a book, for my flight, and so we detoured to the Dusty Bookshelf. I found a Nelson DeMille book and we continued to walk down Mass St. Since we had eaten mexican the previous two days, I decided that I wanted something different.
There was a new restaurant on Vermont that specialized in truffle fries and burgers.
Initially, we were the first to arrive. We sat at the bar, made eye contact with one of the workers and drank a beer. I had a boulevard wheat and waited for my felafel burger and truffle fries. Casey had a salad and ordered a side of duck fat fries with all of their sauces. They had a stout mustard, guajillo sauce, garlic mayo, chipotle bbq, and ketchup. I liked the food. My felafel was great and it was topped with pickled cauliflower and onions. The bun was great and I was happy.
We wanted another beer and so I tried to make eye contact with one of the two people standing behind the bar. No movement.
I got up. I walked over. I ordered two beers. I sat back down.
They never offered to drop the bill. Instead, a line formed as people dropped in for lunch. I had a flight to catch and so as I dreamed of one of the workers, actually paying attention to us, more and more people arrived. Frustrated, I joined the line. I waited.
Casey went to get the car and I waited. When I paid, the guy said----this is why we like people to pay as they go....seriously? I am drinking beer. I ordered multiple things and you want me to pay as I go? How difficult is it to start a tab, since I am siting at the bar, where you are? What did you do? You made me almost late for my flight and required too much work for me, to actually, feel that I was dining out. I sat at the bar. I think that is what frustrated me most. I sat and watched them, talk to each other for 45 minutes, instead of ask if I wanted more water or another beer. Yes, the food was good, but if I were to return, I would order take-out. At least, that way, I would pay as I go. I can walk to Cork and Barrel and open my own beer.
I didn't like the guy's attitude. It is a bar. Bars have tabs. There has got to be a more efficient way of operating Dempsey's on Vermont St. Plus, as they got busy, they were unable to clean tables for new customers. I know that I was not the only one annoyed with their concept of ordering.
Perhaps, south american would have been better, today. I loved the fries and the plethora of sauces. I am a condiment kid. However, the service lacked and I do not know if I am the forgiving type, as of late...

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