Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Sunday.......

Today was a great day.
Sorta normal, sorta lame, but overall, fairly pleasant.
It started at work. I blasted my ipod. Lately, I have been listening to Kanye West's, Stronger, because it reminds me of the marathon and Somebody's Baby, by Jackson Browne. I think of that song and associate it with Fast Times at Ridgemont High. I have always enjoyed that song. While downloading new music for the marathon, I found the Jackson Browne song, in addition to Veronica, by Elvis Costello and Psycho Killer, by Talking Heads. Yes, my music selections have been all over the map lately.
Anyways, ipod blasting, work started smoothly. Little Mel brought me a coffee. We do that on Sundays, alternate, for I don't know what reason. It started and has continued. I enjoy it. I absolutely look forward to Sunday morning for the coffee, alone.
The Broncos play tomorrow night. Typically, if the Broncos don't play, we aren't busy. Today, was the complete opposite for a few hours. Several people that I knew, came in, to have brunch with me. There are four girls that used to be Saturday morning girls and in the last year, have become Sunday morning ladies. They are fun, always have great conversations and easy. They eat the Taos or eggs benedict and leave. They tip well and never require hand holding. You know what I mean...they aren't needy.
Anyways, today, one of them was talking funny. I couldn't help but look at her mouth and I couldn't understand why she was drawing attention to it through her actions. I thought she might have a cancor sore or imaginary fever blister. I tried to avoid fixation, during their ordering, and finally, one of the girls goes--well, you don't know about her mouth, do you? No, I didn't.
She explains that about six weeks ago, they went to Cervantes and as they were leaving, some random guy came up, punched her boyfriend in the face and then her and ran off. He didn't ask for money. He just wanted to hit them.
Her boyfriend's teeth broke through the skin and she broke her jaw in two places. Her jaw was wired shut.
Seriously, wtf? How does this happen and for what? It wasn't a mugging and apparently, the bar acted like it didn't happen. They claimed no responsibility and showed them to the street.
I know I live in a city and I know there are areas that should be avoided. But, the fact that Cervantes kicked them out speaks volumes over living in a city. Anything can happen, anywhere. It doesn't matter that it was in five points in Denver. I remember being on the wrong compartment of a train in South Africa. I was the only white person on that area of the train and I was safe. Nobody approached me or tried to make me feel uncomfortable. I wasn't kicked off the train either.
On a side note....a friend of mine texted me, yesterday, to ask me to Elway's. As you know, I am a sucker for Rapture. I tried to avoid going, but I caved. I texted her back and asked who was there. Her response was, Jen and Mark. I like her latest "suitor", but I prefer girl's talk. I had spent a few days in Kansas and wanted to dish, but not with a male present.
I arrive. I walk into Elway's and there they are...Jen, Tiffany, Mark, and two others. And, they had paid their tab. Annoyed, I sat down and ordered my Rapture. I tried to welcome the conversation, but was bored with the specifics. The wine wasn't enough. I had to go to work.
In the last week, I have sat through two separate occasions of meeting friends and their significant others. Granted, I have friends that I meet as a couple. For instance, Steve and Pocketsize, but they are my friends. I do not try to entertain them separately and I believe our conversations are everything they are supposed to be.
I find myself censoring topics with spouses or new boyfriends. I wish my other friend at Elway's knew that lesson. Instead, she droned on and on with her latest and greatest.
Again, filter....doesn't everyone have one? And, I wish my girlfriends understood that girl time is different from hanging out with a couple. Oh, Sunday...what a fun day!

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