Thursday, November 12, 2009

November 12--Hailey's day....

I have been lazy the last few training, no yoga, the books I picked up at the library do not inspire me. Instead, I have taken siestas the last few days and I went to bed, early, last night, too. What is wrong with me? Don't get me wrong...I love naps and do not judge anybody for enjoying one. The summer I lived in Mexico, it was an important part of my day.
I believe I need a project or a new hobby or something to take up my time. Even my postings have been mundane since the marathon. I need inspiration or motivation. I feel lethargic and sleep is my fall back. I am not depressed--I know that, but, I am lazy. That word seems to be the word that keeps coming to mind. It is an accurate description of how I have spent the last few days.
I feel that it is a cycle for me. I need something to focus on so that I have a purpose or meaning in my life. When I don't, I get lazy, restless and bored. I question my life's work and how to better myself. I am a work in progress, I suppose.
In other news....Happy Birthday, Hailey! I hope she is able to thoroughly enjoy her day, however she decides to spend it. I know she is surrounded by her boys and that they will take care to please her. Her son, Andrew, just had a birthday, too. He turned 4 on the 10th. Birthdays are wonderful. I was a touch tame on my birthday month this year. Training made sure that I didn't go too wild with drinking wine or going out to dinner.
Yes, I am coming off of an incredible high associated with the marathon. Maybe that it why I am so lethargic.
Enjoy your day. Smile. Eat cake. Be happy~


scarlethue said...

I go through lazy cycles too. I think you should just listen to your body, but then again, don't let it go on too long! Doing nothing is addictive.

I've been to this restaurant before, it's so good. Last time I had broiled sea bass wrapped in thin cut fried potatoes, sitting on really tasty grits covered in a white cheesy sauce. The fish just melted, the potatoes had a crunch, and the grits were so warm and comforting. They have an excellent wine list there as well.

harmony said...

You sold me with the wine.
Enjoy your meal!!!