Friday, November 20, 2009

Chardonnay inspired dreams....

I am a red wine drinker.
For a brief period of time, I did enjoy white wine. I started drinking wine in 95 when I worked at Fifi's. It was a job requirement to be able to talk about their wine selection. My first bottle, bought, was a 95 Kunde Cabernet. I drank it with my friend, Heather, and we loathed it. We ate sugar cookies from Joe's Bakery in Lawrence and opted to drink white wine. Not white zin, but white wine.
It was extremely brief.
I do enjoy a sauvignon blanc or pinot gris, every now and then, to protect my teeth from looking too stained. I have a nickname of "purple teeth" and so yes, I am a red wine drinker.
I had a bottle of Gundlach Bundschu chardonnay. It has been in my cabinent for a few years. On Wednesday, I had drinks with my reader and our mutual friend, Christina. I returned home and felt that I wanted another glass of wine and so I opened the bottle of chardonnay.
It hadn't changed and my dislike of it hadn't changed either. It is too buttery and heavy, to me. I still drank it.
And, I had two glasses of last night, after work, and both nights had the most random dreams. The first night, I was moving to Iowa, by myself, but my parents and siblings were driving me there. Jade had just had a baby and so the baby was with us and we were all crowded in our old maroon van. It was snowing, a bunch, and we were surrounded by mountains. Again, I question the mountain factor since we were in Iowa.
I never figured out why I moved there. I remember reflecting on the one restaurant that was in town--a KFC--obviously this dream was just that--a dream. I hate KFC and would never move to the country or a town with only one restaurant.
Last night, I dreamed that my tires cost $2500. I was at my mom's house in Kansas and someone cut the tires off of my car. I was devastated that I had spent all of that money to have them stolen.
I wonder why chardonny inspires dreams of family for me. I have no idea. I must have some anxiety about the holidays and of course, the snow. Although my new, real, tires will come in handy this winter.
I doubt I will be purchasing any chardonnay anytime soon. I have never been a fan, nor do I relish the weird dreams that occur when I drink it.

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