Friday, November 20, 2009


After a much needed massage, earlier today, I decided to go for a run. The weather is beautiful and I wanted to take advantage of it. I considered yoga, but didn't want to drive to the Highlands. Plus, the sun is out and why not enjoy the neighborhood?
I warmed up and was truly feeling it. I thought of all of my runs with the Goddess and how I felt confident, enough, in my own running to go solo. Of course, I do enjoy running with Lindsay and will continue to do so.
Anyways, I was beginning the home stretch when this woman with a stroller crosses over to my side of the street. I run towards her and her two grandkids and smile at them. I feel encroached on, somewhat, and as we pass each other, I step down funny on my left foot and F**k, that's right, I reinjure my freaking tendon. AWESOME...if only, she had given me a little more space to maneuver. Her stroller took up most of the sidewalk and I was trying to be respectful of the space issue. I moved to my right where there was a rock landscape and you know the rest.
Now, I am at home, I took off my shoe and there it was--my old friend. The bubble on my foot that took forever to go away. This sucks! It truly, effing sucks...right as I am about to begin running again. Plus, I remember how awkward it was to walk, some days, forget running. I know I am okay and that I will heal, but really, how difficult is it to share public space? I did scream the F word and she goes--oh, are you okay? No, I am not okay. My foot is in immense pain. She kept walking....hmmm....why couldn't she have stayed on the other side of the street or why didn't I continue onto Speer? Oh, that's right, I didn't want to wait for the light to change.
Enough complaining. I know. I am just super irritated by the ways things turned out.

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