Sunday, November 15, 2009

Random acts of kindness

Most people that know me, know that I really despise driving in the snow.
Yesterday, heading into work was easy. Light snow, driveable roads, nothing major. Snow continued. People called to see if we were open due to the snow factor. Of course, we welcomed them in. Or, better yet, I welcomed them since I was manning the phones.
I heard mixed reviews of how bad the snow was....this one guy was like--it's nothing. A little slippery in the metro area. They shut down 1-70 from Evergreen to Vail Pass at 7 pm. When he mentioned that, I knew that he was a confident snow driver. Slipping to him in the metro area was not what slipping to me meant.
Other people were like--it's terrible. The roads are awful. It took, forever, to get here...etc.
Steve and Pocketsize came in for a rare appearance. Actually, I know that isn't fair. They have been busy with their lives and Saturdays haven't been the best time to see them. Anyways, they stopped in and inquired about how I was getting home. I told Sarah--yes, I am driving....BUT, you hate driving in the snow. I know, but such is my life. I know that she was worried for me as the night continued. Sarah is so sweet.
As 2 am approaches, I get apprehensive, knowing, that I will be out there soon. I will be maneuvering the roads.
Finally, I am finished with work. My boss asks if I have upgraded my tires yet. He knows that I have had two separate flat tire situations in the past 2 months. I tell him that I had put it off and now regretted it.
His response--drive fast and be reckless. If you get stuck, call me, I will help you.
I about fell over. It was gracious, and like Dave, but he said it, without any prompting. I mean, for instance, he and his brother both have multiple SUV's---ideal for moving people, but I would never dream of asking them for help. They aren't interested.
I made it home safely.
I texted Dave and said--thank you. I am safe.
I did appreciate him offering to help me. It made my drive much easier, and less stressful. I guess, I don't hate driving in the snow as much as I thought.


Nancy said...

The first snow is always a little stressful. The next one is easier.

But get those tires fixed!! (My youngest has asked for tires for Christmas. Practical and smart.)

harmony said...

I just made my appointment for new tires. It was long overdue.
Yes, your daughter does sound practical and smart.
Enjoy your day.