Thursday, January 7, 2010

Foundation to build on

I now have numbers.
Due to the lovely Jen and her athletic pass, I was able to arrange a few complimentary sessions with a personal trainer. Today, I met Karita and now I have the truth. It is an unavoidable when you must get your measurements or a base to begin a program.
She specializes in Pilates. I appreciate Pilates, but want to feel more comfortable with strength training. And, realistically, if I do not join Colorado Athletic Club and choose a different, cheaper option, they may not have pilates available at their establishment. I told her this and tomorrow, I will have my second comp session with her.
Overall, I am in decent shape--blood pressure, no obstacles, healthwise, that would limit my ability to pursue a healthier lifestyle. I didn't fear my weight; however, when she gave me the body mass index, I was apprehensive. I don't know why, but I wasn't looking forward to hearing that result. It wasn't bad, though, and so I feel confident that I can commit to this fitness goal.
I have Jen and Team in Training to thank. It came at the right time. 2010, at the beginning when everyone feels inspired to tackle new challenges.
Of course, there is more that I would like to achieve. I keep returning to volunteer oriented vacations. Giving back while exploring other countries or regions of the United States. There is an organization based in Denver that places volunteers in host countries for anywhere from 2 weeks to an extended stay vacation. Education, teaching English, helping out in orphanages, HIV centered clinics all are appealing to me. I want to figure out the region of the world that I want to explore and go from there. I wish that my spanish was more proficient and then I would have more options in Central America.
Or, I loved South Africa, but feel I should check out more of the world before returning there. Well, to be honest...I want more passport stamps. I want to fill my book up. It definitely brings me a sense of pride. Lame to some, but truly honest. I love traveling.
Stateside, there is an organization through Rock Resorts, called I saw it in Shape Magazine and need to research it further. I would love to go to New Mexico, stay at the Rock Resort in Santa Fe, and do work along the Rio Grande or trail maintenance. Basically, whatever they offer, I would do because I keep seeing Santa Fe and New Mexico, in general, in my immediate future. Not as a relocation or anything like that...more of a trip there for soul searching or a spiritual reminder, I suppose. Well, and the food factor always stimulates my senses. I could see Melody and entertain her with training stories or follies from my life.
Wine education remains in my head, as well. I would love to continue that direction of life since I enjoy drinking wine. I enjoy being able to choose wine for my friends, even if our interests are completely different. I prefer red wine drinkers--hint, hint---but like the challenge of choosing a white wine for friends. Shari keeps telling me that I need to pursue this and I know, I do. It's just doing it and making it a priority.
I want to incorporate more body work into my life, too. I set up a monthly massage, through Elements Day Spa. I support body maintenance, always have, but recently, became lacksadaisical about it. Yesterday, I realized how tight my quads are and could barely get through the bodywork. It wasn't relaxing and the therapist stopped and focused on my head/face. I enjoyed it because it was relaxing, but know I was cheated out of 5 minutes that I paid for because I couldn't breathe through the leg's portion. Maybe yoga will be reintroduced to my fitness regime.
Quick note on that...I support Core Power Yoga in Denver. It is a wonderful program; yet, they do not cap classes. I was paying $120 a month for a free mat rental, supposed magazine subscription (never received it) and unlimited yoga. The level Two classes were always full beyond maximum capacity leading me to quit going to the classes. It is uncomfortable to stretch when surrounded/engulfed by 65-80 other people also trying to relax and do yoga. It's hot yoga and so the odors are rarely pleasant if you know what I mean. I understand the financial aspect of wanting to make money and be succesful; however, there must be an adequate solution where people continue to want to practice yoga at their studios. I know that I am not the only person that feels that they could turn people away from classes.
Nevertheless, I now have a foundation to build on. I know my measurements, weight, BMI, and want to improve on them. I have the desire and the tools. Now, I want to prioritize my travel options and wine...

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