Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

Ah, 2010 began well.
I worked the day shift and it was profitable.
Thankfully, everyone was in good spirits. My co-workers, for the most part, were pleasant and were not in the way. There are days, that we constantly run into each other and one person will be hateful. This hate spreads like a cancer, consuming everyone in its path. For whatever reason, yesterday was peaceful. We all helped each other out and remained friendly.
Seriously, it is completely random where the only complaint I heard was that this woman couldn't find her gloves. She was confused, and determined, to find them, before she could settle into a cocktail. I even went outside to search for the black gloves. The gloves were in her friend's car. After a fifteen minute search and rescue, bloody mary's were ordered and life returned to happiness.
And, at 4 pm, I could leave.
There were several people on a double. I didn't envy that position, at all, or their choice to do it. I know how long of a shift, New Year's Day can be. It can be brutal.
Afterwards, I returned home and Sara Jo and I decided to watch the Florida game at Elway's. I couldn't bear the thought of returning to the Bull to watch the game or going to a sport's bar to view it. No, I wanted my Rapture wine and food. I wanted to celebrate 2010 in style. Sara Jo is an alum. I am not a Florida fan; but, she is, and she agreed to watch the Sugar Bowl at Elway's.
Elway's was perfect. Slow, like a Sunday night, and good people were working and Cory, my sous chef friend, saw us and made us a special dish. I love Elway's. He brought us quail with etoufee and a lobster bisque that was amazing, utterly amazing. It was such a treat and again, the perfect way to begin this year.
Steve and Pocketsize called me to invite me downtown to see them. I wanted to, but I knew that I had already had a few glasses of wine and it wouldn't happen. I was already too far into my night at Elway's. I am hoping to see them for brunch tomorrow. Rarely do I have a brunch off and when I do, I like to enjoy it the way everyone else is able to--with a mimosa and being waited on. Hopeful, I will be!
On a sad side aunt put her dog down yesterday. I do not have the specific details, but I know that Macy had pain in her life. I am sad for my aunt because I know how much her dogs mean to her. She put down Maverick, her boxer, earlier in the year. I feel bad that the last walk we took Macy on, I was complaining about how slow we were going. I was freezing and wanted to eat. I can be impatient and unreasonable, at times.
I hope to see Bryn later today.
From my time with Team in Training, I managed to inherit a pass to the Colorado Athletic Club. I toured the facility the other morning and I love it~ I am so excited for the sauna!
2010 has a positive vibe! Enjoy your day!

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