Saturday, January 9, 2010

Maybe 2010 is the year I will learn how to dress as a grown up....

In some ways, many, I still dress like a college student.
I wear shorts, yearround, because I can. And, because I enjoy it. I live in a city where the sun is present and lovely. There are days when the snow is unbearable, but I still wear what I want, when I want.
I think I choose my outfits based on the simplicity of it. I am able to get ready, quickly, and rarely are people waiting on me to go to dinner, to a show or a wine tasting. No, normally, I am waiting on someone to get ready.
I work in a bar. The dress code is simple--clean, t-shirt with said logo on it. Shorts, jeans or khakis. They do not like multi-colored shorts or slacks. One of the managers harps on people that try to deviate from the uniform. Recently, this guy wore the golf shorts (hideous on him, but not the point), they were multi-colored and inappropriate to be wearing at the Bull. Katy made sure to point that out, repeatedly, in case he chose to forget it.
I spend most of the winter, indoors, either at the Bull or in my house. When I venture out I wear shorts or a skirt, mostly. Because of Steve and Sarah's wedding in Las Vegas, I own 4 dresses. Again, because I had to have to them for the occasion. Otherwise, I think I would have continued to purchase skirts or shorts, not jeans. I do like the dresses.
Recently, I met with Steve and Pocketsize. I was explaining to the fashion diva that I had made plans to meet some friends at Elway's. I wanted to dress up, more than my typical t-shirt/shorts combination. Her immediate response was---DO NOT WEAR A SKIRT....but, that is all I own.
Granted, I do own two pairs of Levi's, from 10 years ago. They fit, but I rarely wear them out.
She insisted that I alter my normal comfortable get-up. I didn't. She felt that I should be appropriately attired because of the weather. Did I mention that I walk everywhere? That night, I drove, but I know she was concerned about my lack of attire because of my normal routines.
I suppose I have never been a girly-girl. I wear clothes that are practical, not showy. I spend money on wine--big surprise, or travel, or food. My sisters are complete opposites. Michaela is similar to Pocketsize. She enjoys buying clothes and always looks stylish. Jade buys clothes, too, that look lovely on her. Jasmin is sort of all of over the place with her spending. Let's just say...she is inconsistent with when she has it.
I digress. I decided to make a commitment to expanding my wardrobe. I found a cute, black sweater today and almost bought a mid-length skirt. I tried it on, but it looked frumpy. I looked shapeless (awesome) and as I considered how I could dress it up, I realized that I really didn't want it. I would make due with my slacks or find another skirt that was more flattering. I do want more skirts, of altering lengths, but I do not want to look like a christmas tree. I looked ridiculous in it.
I think back to one of my friend's weddings. I was a bridesmaid. I received the dress, tried it on, knew it was too big in the chest, but thought--it'll work. It is loose and I don't feel uncomfortable.
At the wedding, all of the pictures were awkward. I kept thinking--why didn't I get this altered to fit right? Instead, I hoped that none of the taller men could look down my dress.
I do need to grow up, fashion wise. Last night, this regular said---yes, short skirts and boots are great...not on you....oh, I didn't mean it like it sounded.
Or, perhaps, I am remembering it how I want to. I am justifying my need to expand my clothing. I know that Pocketsize would help me. I think she has considered turning me over to What Not To Wear.
I am hoping to avoid this.
Plus, maybe it is time, I make myself a priority in that manner. Instead of being the first to arrive with a glass of wine in hand; maybe, I should make an effort and make people wait.
When I fly, I almost always, wear a skirt, look presentable, and feel that I am taken seriously when I need something. I avoid wearing sweats or flip-flops. I feel it does make a difference.
2010 could be the year that I buy my first pair of designer jeans. Michaela swears that it makes a huge difference in how I will feel about myself...we shall see.

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Nancy said...

This sounds a little like my youngest. Only you are better dressed, by far. I keep hoping she will grow up now that she is no longer a student and working. She wears whatever looks the most hippie - everywhere. Even when I buy her things for work that are a little nicer, but still (frumpy) enough for her taste - (she actually picks them out when we are shopping). But she wears them once, and then it's back to leggings with a hole, etc. I thought she would outgrow it when she graduated from college, but it only seems to be getting worse. Ghaaaa