Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Why I like sides......

Last night, in an attempt to consciously choose what I put in my body, I made dinner.
Let me back up and explain my day. I went to the gym with Sara, rode the stationary bike, since I had a run planned with the Goddess. The gym has a sauna and I love it.
Anyways, the Goddess and I did our customary route--up to Logan, south to 6th Ave, east to Downing and then a partial loop around Cheesman Park. Next time, we are running to Wash Park--my nemesis from the Denver Marathon. I haven't run there since. Cheesman Park has been snow-packed or muddy for the last 5 runs. I am over it! I am sure that Wash Park will have similar issues, but it is a change of scenery. It's farther and I want to restart training for marathons.
Afterwards, I walk to Whole Foods intending to buy halibut. I specifically wanted halibut and of course, they didn't have it. I wasn't too impressed with their selection and so I drove over to Marczyk's. They had halibut, and kalamata olive bread, which Whole Foods did not, but it looked old. I decided to drive to Safeway to buy the bread, cauliflower, garlic and cheese.
Of course, they didn't have the bread, either, and so I settled for french bread. I found the cauliflower which looked lovely, chose a pear for a starter to accompany a rough chop of yellow tomatoes, basil, garlic and goat cheese on french bread. I returned home to grab my I.D. and walk to Argonaut. I texted Sara, that I was picking up vodka for pre dinner drinks. She immediately responded since she knows how rare vodka is in my diet.
I knew she liked Skyy. Thankfully, they had a sale of Skyy vodka. I chose a bottle of sauvignon blanc to accompany the fish and went to the check out. The vodka didn't register that it was on sale. I mentioned it to the clerk and she paged the manager for an override. Then, the manager says--well this is a Liter, not the 750 ml, and so it isn't on sale. I said--well, there was a sign on the shelf, under the bottle I picked up.
Frustrated, I said, well, can I get the correct bottle and she said, yes, but then I was so angry that I said, you know what--I don't want it.
I don't know why I got so amped up, but I was pissy. I think it was because it isn't my fault that the shelves, multiple shelves, had the exact same sign on it which said--Skyy Vodka on sale for $13.99.
I stopped at the corner liquor store, which is more, and was approached by a homeless guy selling a publication. They are everywhere in the metro area, these days and I was still riding the angry wave. I think I said something like--I am not interested and kept walking.
So, why I like sides....when I dine out, I rarely choose a protein or entree. Instead, I dine on sides. I think I know why now. I severely overcooked the crap out of the halibut. I had marinated it for an hour with balsamic vinegar, brown sugar and dijon mustard. It sounded awesome, but I overcooked it. The roasted cauliflower was lovely and I liked the cous cous, too. I am more comfortable cooking/dining/eating sides. I think I am distracted when I cook protein. I don't know. I just know that last night's entree was a definite FAIL.
Next time, I am sticking to the sides. No entree necessary!


Jadey said...

Your a crack up. I think for dinner this week I;m going to try fillet mignon with boursin lobster mashed potatos with a merlot reduction. Sounds yummy, but I don't know if I have the skills.

harmony said...

Yes, you do~Those taters sound awesome!!! I think Tab would love lobster mashed potatoes.
Be well