Tuesday, January 12, 2010

No scathing letter necessary

Yesterday, while working, I decided to tell the scotch drinking lawyers about my continuing saga with the Slumlord.
I mean, scotch drinking, in the most endearing way...these lunch lawyers remind me of the show Mad Men. They would 100% prosper in that decade of cocktail lunches, smoking and sexual harassment. There are days, when I wait on them, where I feel that they need a personal assistant (female) to address all of their needs. Yes, they are misogynists, but yesterday, they truly aided me in my quest to deal with the Slumlord.
I had told them of my issues with the deposit return. I started off with--he charged me...and it arrived a week after the 60 days were up. One of them, looked at me and said--enough. It doesn't matter what he charged you for--he was late and there is a statute in Colorado where if they exceed the deadline of 60 days, they are obligated to return the full deposit. AWESOME.
Now, I need to write a letter or have them write the letter, today or tomorrow. The Slumlord has 7 days to return said deposit or go to court where he could face a repayment of 3 x the initial amount. I think the odds are on my side in this. And, he needs to be held accountable for his negligence in maintenance and human kindness. I mean, there are deadlines for reasons. I paid rent, on time, every month, for 16 months. He should have returned my money is an orderly fashion.
More on this later. I am off to work.

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