Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Random mid-week thoughts....

I am finally settled in to my space on Corona.
Artwork is up.
That settled it. Instead of being wrapped in a corner, I have displayed my Diego Rivera's, Rafuse and other wine related artwork. I have one more piece to display, but I need Sara's help with it. It is blown-up photo of Brian, framed, that was signed by everyone that attended the Celebration of Life in 2006. I didn't sign it. But, at the time, I didn't want a reminder of my thoughts that day. I don't know what I thinking. I was in complete shock, but somehow managed to recognize that it was unnecessary to write on it. I don't think I wrote on the one in Wisconsin, either. I think his parents knew that everything that I wanted to say, had already been said to him or written down. I didn't need to express my love for him on that piece.
I have many memories, beautiful, of my life with Brian. I have notes, letters, photos that will always be in my life.
So, yes, I need help displaying it. It's heavy and I do not want to break it. Sara will be home, later, and I will make her help me then.
In other news....I met with the lawyer's to discuss my best course of action with the landlord. I am still waiting to hear back from them. I know they are not lazy or putting me off. Genuinely, they seemed interested in helping me get my deposit back. Patience is a virtue, right. I have to remind myself of this, frequently.
Shari and I are hoping to do back to back trips. We are meeting in Seattle, already planned, at the end of February. We are celebrating the anniversary of Brian's passing there, this year. Seattle is food friendly and I love Pike's Place Market.
I am restless, dreaming of a mini-vacation. She has a voucher from our trip to San Francisco last year. I mentioned flying to Phoenix and driving to Sedona, meeting in Austin since I keep being told how much I would enjoy it or heading to San Francisco--because it's, well, my favorite city in the States. But, I would need more than 3 days to enjoy the city. I would have to go to Napa.
Realistically, I am drawn to Santa Fe. The weather is questionable, but I believe that is the most likely option. She can fly to Denver and we will drive to Santa Fe or Taos. Either way, we will be enchanted.
Enjoy your day!

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