Wednesday, January 6, 2010

spin class

While training with Team in Training, I participated (sort of) in a fundraiser. At that point in my fundraising, I had actually surpassed my mimimum amount and offered to donate additional monies to two of my training partners. The Goddess had to raise $4300 and Gadget's friends were not as generous as mine. Honestly, I wasn't required to do any group fundraisers since my friends/family rock! I am a lucky girl.
But, still, I wanted to support my teammates. I did a brief stint at a Harley Davidson fundraiser. I poured beer and greeted guests for 3 hours. It reminded me of work; but easier, since I wasn't forced to answer questions about the beer or the establishment. Simply, it went--we have MGD and I am sorry, it isn't that cold. We are having kegerator issues. But, it's free and we are only asking you donate to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Thankfully, the bikers were generous and I believe the Goddess received $80 for my smiles during the 3 hour period.
Then, some of my customers came in and I was chatting them up about my marathon training. I wasn't fishing for a donation or anything like that...instead, I was being honest with how I was spending my summer. I told them that I was lame because I was unable to do much outside of train on the weekends. I began to recognize how limited my socializing options had become. I could no longer work or drink on Friday nights since I had to get up, early, for my long run on Saturday mornings. The prospect of being hungover, in additon to being tired, did not interest me. Faithfully, I committed to lame Friday nights.
Anyways, Jen, my friend, offered to gift me a month long membership to the Colorado Athletic Club for my upcoming silent auction fundraiser. She offered. I accepted. I knew I wasn't attending the event since I had to work, but I gave the certificate to Gadget, hoping she would be able to raise some money for herself. It was an awesome silent auction item--month long pass, gold, family plan. It enabled to benefactor membership to any of the establishments.
I told Gadget to bid on it. I told her to be aggressive and sell it. She didn't.
No one bid on the item and so it was returned to me.
This brings me back to Spin Class. My friend, Jen, told me that I should use the pass and so I added Sara Jo as my family and forced her to get up at 5, this morning, to attend our first ever Spin Class. I was intimidated by it. I wasn't looking forward to going in blind. I had seen an episode of Cougar Town where Courtney Cox is berated during a spin class. For me, that is not motivational or enjoyable. I do not want to be called out in that type of activity. It is embaressing and unnecessary, in my opinion.
So, we arrive early and set up camp. I try to adjust my seat higher, but it doesn't go higher. I notice that I have one foot strap, but my left foot strap is missing. Sara adjusts her bike and we anxiously wait for the class to fill up. There were 9 women and 15 men. It was full, but not fully utilized.
The guy, a Brit, begins the class. Immediately, this guy to Sara's right begins talking to her. This continues through the class, for her. Thankfully, I had a wooden structure separating me from other people.
I looked around and there were several people talking during the beginning of the class. The girl in front of me, did her own thing, the entire time. Rarely, did she get out of her saddle, as they say.
Initially, I thought of how much I loathe cycling and what a mistake it was to go to this class. I truly do not enjoy cycling. My last two weeks of marathon training were spent on the stationary bike since I was nursing an injury. I despised every minute of it.
The music started out fine. The first ten minutes cruised by with a few missteps on my part. My left foot kept falling out of the strap, causing me to slow down, readjust and start over. I was afraid that I would buck forward, from momentum, and crash on the stationary bike. That would have been awesome! Midway through the class, Sara looked over and said--oh, your strap broke...nope, that is how I started.
Next time, I will find a fully functional bike.
Halfway through, I remember thinking--this isn't so bad. I can do this. Other people are struggling. Maybe this wasn't a mistake.
Sara's friend kept talking. I laughed because I knew she was annoyed.
The instructor was motivational and working hard, himself. His face contorted and it was moderately entertaining to watch. The plan was for us to climb 3 hills, each hill building on speed. He said that the music would reflect our climb.
The music was awful. By the 3rd hill, we were listening to back to back Oasis songs which were not fast. And, at this point, my mind was wandering to the boot camp going on, outside of our room and of random associations of Wonder Wall. I kept telling myself to stop and focus on the spin class. I am not suggesting that he should have played hip hop or top 40's crap, but something fast, to keep us moving. What's the Story, Morning glory, is not an up tempo song.
Afterwards, we stretched. I stood up on the bike and felt all of the stuff we had just done. My legs did get a work out. Wow! I had no idea how affected I could be. We trudged down the 4 flights of stairs, gingerly, and headed to the dry sauna. I love the sauna and am seriously considering a membership to this club for that alone. I suppose I did benefit from Team in Training.
Goal #1 of 2010 accomplished--attend a Spin Class and own it, somewhat....I think it owned me in the end.
Now, I need to figure out the rest of my goals for 2010. Travel, adventure, food, wine, friendship, two 1/2 marathons, one full. This entails commitment to train and flexibility to still enjoy life. I would like to alter my nutrition so that it aids me during the training. I won't be giving up wine anytime soon.
Snow today. Ample time to figure it all out. I dream of sleep, though; or heading to New Mexico. It's been calling me lately.
Be well--


Redhead Running said...

Yay for trying out Spin!!! It's a bummer your bike wasn't that great or the music but you def made the most of it and it's all about trying out new things! I had my hesitations about Spin at first too but now I love it! So will you try it again???

harmony said...

Absolutely. I want to give it another Go.
How was your adventure? Any worthy restaurants in Chattanooga? Any future 1/2 way trips?