Thursday, January 21, 2010

Change the World Wednesday....

Do you ever wonder where your excess waste goes? Probably not? You put it in a trash receptable, or your personal trash can, and it's gone.
I know there are always ways to improve our lives, our society, our world.
This week, the Change the World Post Challenge deals with being responsible in yet, another way.
Instead of collecting to-cups when you get your daily coffee, bring your own. I know it is incovenient...having your own re-useable beverage holder. But, I bet you own one. I have 5 or 6 that I could use. Actually, in the last two months, I have made more of an effort to provide my own coffee container.
Have you considered how much waste you create when you meet 3 of your friends for coffee? Most places give you a to-go container. If two of your friends get water, as well, then that is 6 cups that go to waste. Most people do not crumple the container, either, instead, it goes in the trash in it's full volume fitting form.
For one week, provide your own container for coffee, soda, tea. You will get a discount for the lack of to-go container, plus the knowledge that you are lessening the waste. I know it seems small, but it does make a difference.
I am a coffee-holic. I wish that it wasn't true. I have tried to cut coffee out. I have. I do not drink soda or tea. Instead, I fill up, adequately, on my daily coffee. Each morning, I wake, I make coffee for me and Sara, and than think about how productive I will be. Yes, coffee is definitely my wake up. And, yes, I am able to make a small change that benefits me and the environment.
For one week, I, faithfully, will provide my own beverage container. No Peet's to-go cups or Starbuck's. I refuse.
I hope you do as well. Give it a go and see how it works. Maybe your recycables will be lighter or perhaps your trash. Good luck!!!


Anonymous said...

wonderful ..................................................

Nancy said...

I love this idea!! I usually don't buy coffee, but I will bring my own cup next time. I now carry my own stainless water bottle every time I leave the house, and haven't used bags from the grocery store for ages!

Great post.