Sunday, January 17, 2010

Golden Globes

I watched 24 with Sara.
That is what I do.
I own the game 24. My dad gave it to me for xmas, one year, since he also enjoys watching Keifer Sutherland being a badass!
Faithfully, I have watched that show. Season 6 almost convinced me that I was finished with it. Season 7 inspired me to become a fanatic. Season 8 began...slow start, but intriguing. Keifer still is sexy. Chloe is older and facial expressions are a bit much, but, I will give it a go!
Instead of watching the Golden Globes, I made Sara watch the 24.
Avatar won Best Picture.
Mad Men for best drama.
Michael C Hall won for his role in Dexter.
Juliana Marguiles won Best Actress for drama series.
Alec Baldwin...well, he is Alec Baldwin. Have you ever seen 30 Rock? Freaking hilarious and awesome. Yes, he completely deserved the Golden Globe.
Then, we get supporting actress in comedy------Chloi Sevigny. I am a HUGE supporter of Big Love. I wish I had cable for that alone. I don't. I haven't seen one episode of Season 3. I love the drama of the polygamists, the compound, the political righteousness of being a believer in Mormonism. I enjoy watching the dynamics of their unit. Truly, it is a great show.
Absolutely, adore the drama of it. But did she deserve the Golden Globe? I would say no.
I would have suggested Jane Lynch. GLEE.
Of Best in Show love. The blonde lady from those projects, in addition to Two and a Half Men. She deserved the Golden Globe for her role. I like Chloi Sevigny, but didn't think she was that diverse.
Have you ever seen Glee? Check it out. She is brilliant in it. I never knew her name until tonight. She isn't a celebrity. She is an actress. I mean that in a good sense. She can act and does, without the name status. She stands out, completely, but it isn't for the status symbol. She is fun to watch. Seriously, check out Glee. It isn't just a musical. It's funny, engaging, well written. The guys that do Nip/Tuck direct it.
I keep trying to get Michaela to support it. She was a performer, through school, too. I wish that I had went to more movies in 2009. I have a movie date, matinee, solo with m&m's to Up in the Air or Broken Embraces. Either way, I plan on seeing something on one of my off days. Cannot wait to be selfish!

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