Friday, January 8, 2010

Trying to be calm....

Although I would like to blow my old landlord up, I know that it isn't an option. I know that it is affecting me too much and that I need to release the anger.
First and foremost, I am angry that he was late getting the deposit back to me. When I moved in to his rental unit, I paid him the deposit, plus first month's rent, with no hesitation. I didn't even try to finangle out of my responsibility in securing that place.
When I did the walk-through, I saw the stairs and was hesitant. They looked like they were ready to fall down. I commented on it to him and he said, yes, the city wants me to repair them, but it would cost me, $10,000.
I should have known, then, that he was unwilling to fix, anything, on his property. I let it slide, enamored with the eclectic space and the parking spot. Plus, I was near a Walgreen's (automatic G-2 supply) and the yoga studio that I frequented. I overlooked the shortcomings because I wanted to live in that space.
Of course, quickly, I realized how incompetent he was. No fence, the plumbing backed up, no heat...were just a few serious things that I had to deal with, in the first few months of living there.
Still, I overlooked it.
Then, Brooke and Katie moved in. Plumbing backed up for 24 hours with no response from him. When he finally contacted them, it was to berate them for calling a plumber.
I could on like this forever. I considered contacting a lawyer to pursue action against the slumlord. However, I am not mad about the money. I am that he will continue to behave in this manner.
He isn't going to fix the stairs. Or the plumbing. Or the heat. Or the security. I mean, I had a door that you could twist and unlock it. How secure is that? I told him about it and nothing was ever done.
I am trying to come to grips with letting it go. What is $100? More suffering of dealing with this complete jackass, for one thing. But, on the other hand, if there were some way to force him to own up to his inadequacies as a landlord, it might be worth it. He owns 8 rental properties around Denver. I would not subject anyone else to his property management skills. He truly is a SLUMLORD. For instance, said collapsing stairs...he charged me 2.5 hours to fix. I don't how he fixed them or how he felt okay deducting it from the deposit. It is normal, as an owner, to clean the carpets, repaint the walls, cauk the shower. This is considered normal wear and tear. It is ridiculous!
I am trying to breathe through it. I am sleeping on it before deciding on a course of action or inaction. I only hope that the girls are able to survive the next 6 months. We still talk/text and I know they are frustrated with him, too.
My current landlord is like a godsend. I have had a guest in my one bedroom, for the last 3 weeks. Rod would have found a way to charge me for her being in his house. Dustin is understanding that people's situations change and I am trying to be a supportive friend while she looks for other rental properties. It could be worse....I could still be living in Rod's house or the stairs could have collapsed when I moved out. I guess that is something to be grateful for....I might send him a "love" letter to let him know how incompetent I know him to be. That might soothe my anger. I don't know. Whatever I decide, it's coming.
I am off to work. I dream of travel and want to be enchanted...

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