Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Just finished reading.....

I put, Before I Die, on hold at the Denver Public Library. I had other books on hold, too, but for some reason, I started with this book.
Obviously, I knew how it ended and it wasn't the most uplifting material, either, but I found it sweet. This 16 yr-old girl is the protagonist and she describes her last few months of living. She devises a list of 10 things that she must do before she dies--have sex, say yes to everything for one day, be famous, etc. I found it well written and again, sweet.
I see parallels of what I am reading and even seeing on t.v. The latest episode of Brothers & Sisters had a similar theme to it. Kitty, protrayed by Calista Flockhart, found out she had a form of lymphoma. She was aggressive with the treatment but there was a chance that she would die and miss out on her son's life. After going into remission, she questions--what am I doing with my life? I am happy now, but couldn't I be doing more?
Why wait to dream or fully live your life? If you want to pursue politics, world travel, culinary school--why not risk and do it? Why do we wait to experience life? True, there is tomorrow, but how do you know what opportunities you will have? Shouldn't we focus on the present? The Now? The day?
If you have time, Before I Die, by Jenny Downham, is worth reading.

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