Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bottle Shock

Great flick. Right up my alley. I mean, how can wine, Napa, France not be attractive? Plus, Alan Rickman stars in it. As well as Bill Pullman and Freddie Garcia--I think that is his name. He starred on Ugly Betty, as one her suitors, too. He was Gio, the sandwich shop owner. He revisited her in London. He stuck out to me, since he inspired her, to pursue her goals and not settle for what was easy or convenient.
Bottle Shock--really, highly enjoyable movie.
It takes place in the 76, in Calistoga. A man is struggling to protect his dream of making fantastic wine. Broke, but with a vision and a loan, he continues to move forward. His son doesn't understand the complexities of the money struggle, but he is passionate about the wine. Plus, he is young and wants to impress the ladies. This is post-Woodstock, hippieish and California. A little loose on the flow, but still entertaining, I would recommend this movie.
Probably, I am nostalgic about Napa and about wine. Actually, I remember being in Napa/Sonoma in 2006, with my friend, Jenn Shaw. We dined at the French Laundry and toured wine country. Driving around the square in Sonoma, we saw Alan Rickman filming a movie. In hindsight, I believe, this was the movie. Of course, I was driving by and we didn't stop to watch the action. I do not like to interrupt genius. Or, in reality, while in wine country, I want to enjoy the wine. Everything else--food, filming, stars--takes a back seat to my need to drink wine. I prefer red at most junctures.
Yes, it was a great flick and ideal for tonight. I wanted to enjoy my night with a light, fun, entertaining film. I liked Sideways, too. I think that film was more about male commaderie and the hate for merlot. This one, inspires. Inspires a goal, a dream, family, travel to wine country and wine, itself. If you haven't checked it out, do. It is a fun, summer film.

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