Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Random Wednesday

I love roasted vegetables.
Really, I do.
In an attempt to be domestic and stay in, rather than dine out, I utilized my refrigerator this evening. I had purchased an orange and yellow pepper, tomatoes, and asparagus on Monday while in the Highlands. I stopped by my aunt's house for coffee, a walk around Sloan's Lake, dinner and wine at Kat's. My friend, Kat, relocated from Phoenix. Fortunately, I have been able to meet her for lunch on a couple different occasions. She suggested wine at her house Monday. I complied since I knew that I would be in the area. I could see Bryn, shop at Sunflower and conclude with wine at Kat's house. Her house is a gem, by the way....very cute. I wish that I wanted to live in that area. Instead, I am definitely more of a metro Denver kid.
Nevertheless, I had vegetables from my shopping venture at Sunflower. Plus, berries and pineapple. I love summer fruit.
I worked, today, but wanted to have a night to myself. I needed to write letters, organize my life and watch the movie, Bottle Shock. I am determined to do things that I have been avoiding--i.e....the dentist, obgyn, hair cut. Yesterday, I had my hair cut by a stylist recommended by my childhood friend, Jenny Minard. Jenny and I both live in Denver and in the last year, we have arranged to meet every two months for happy hour. We set the date/place/time before concluding our night. So far, it has been awesome and we have stuck to the schedule. Solera, Squeaky Bean, Trios Enoteca have dazzled us. Next up is Root Down.
Anyways, Jenny is someone that I trust when it comes to stylists. I have difficulty finding one that I like. My last girl, lived in Phoenix and I would fly there to get my hair done while drinking margaritas with Jan, Tom, Kat and others. I enjoy this; but, I needed someone local.
I drove to Wheat Ridge and met Meaghan at Altitidues Salon. A spitfire. Talented, non-stop talker, pure entertainment and fun. She is going to Africa in a few months to hike Kilimanjaro. She runs 1/2 Marathons. She is flipping a house in the Highlands area. I learned all of this sitting in her chair. I had a haircut. It wasn't hard or difficult or long. Maybe 35 minutes. She likes to talk.
While I sat there, I listened in amazement at her ventures. I mean, she is bad-ass. She decides she wants to do something and does it. I admire that.
I realized that there is more, for me, to explore, challenge, organize, do. Hence, the list of servies that I need to have done--obgyn, dentist, continuing hair cuts. And, travel.
Cooking at home.
Eating more vegetables.
Drinking wine. Only because I really, really, really love it.
I thought about joining the runner's edge of the Rockies. I do want to train for another marathon. I want to just more than finish. I want a time-oriented goal.
I am so off track, right now. I am watching Bottle Shock. Great movie about wine. I made wheat pasta with roasted tomatoes, peppers, garlic and asparagus. The garlic and peppers were dynamite. Tomatoes could have used more flavor and the asparaus, I over roasted. Trial and error. One day, it will be more natural, I hope. I think I relied to much on Brian to take care of me and my hunger needs in the kitchen. He knew exactly how to season, prepare, enjoy.
Yes, today was random. Work, dreams of travel and getting things organized and achieved. I feel good. I feel great in my life, right now. I want to be bad-ass, too......

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