Sunday, May 30, 2010

Few thoughts....

Happy Sunday~
I am off to work, but wanted to reflect on a few things before I embrace the day. I love Glee. I love the station on Pandora. Yes, I am a dork, when it comes to music and my little desires. I really, truly enjoy this show. Several times I have tried to get my musical sister to like the show. She doesn't. To this day, I do not understand it. I feel it is a well done show with musical numbers intermixed within the story lines. If you haven't seen it, do. Jane Lynch is hysterical! Recently they dedicated an episode to Lady Gage which was well done. The homage to Madonna was fantastic! It made me nostalfic for my childhood, listening to some of Madonna's earlier songs.
Running on a Sunday morning is awesome. Normally, I am too tired to start the day off in this fashion. Today, I made myself get out of bed, stretch, and go. I feel great now. There is something about an early morning run that is inspiring.
Massage. I want to get back on the once a month schedule. I support body maintenance. Running has created a few more kinks that need to be addressed. I have found a male therapist that I enjoy. He runs and so he knows exactly what to do, for me. He also gives me epsom salt to use when I leave. Plus, I know from seeing him, that I need to pay more attention to post-run stretching. My hamstrings try to compete with eachother, as to which can create more distress, for me while running. Massage helps break up the tightness and myofascial build-up. My legs have been wrecked the last few sessions. Yes, stretching is a necessary evil.
Coffee. I need to get more or convince the Goddess to give me more. She works for Allegro and has supplied me with their lovely coffee several times in the past year.
Work. I have a great job--flexible, lucrative, interesting. I am approaching a landmark anniversary for me, in my mind. Somehow, it is only important to me. I suppose that is how it goes. However, I feel it is a testament to how great these guys are to work for. A simple, thank you or yes, we appreciate you, would suffice and help my moral. Eight years is a long time, right?
Friends. That goes without saying. I am blessed in this department. And, I am grateful for the eclecticness of my social group. Tomorrow, I think I will be able to shower and use the steam room at the Colorado Athletic Club due to the generosity of a friend of mine. And, I am fairly certain I can extend that offer to my running partner and Pocketsize. Post Bolder Boulder, I will be clean instead of grimy post-race.
Enjoy your day however you see fit to spend it! Enjoy the Sunday~~~

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