Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I woke up, Monday morning, a touch hungover and determined to not drink Monday--at all.
The previous day, Sara Jo and I celebrated in our own way on Mother's Day. We chose to go to Solera, eat calamari, drink wine and talk to Maghan, Charlie and Bob--the newest addition to their bartending staff.
I have been a supporter of Solera, for years. Meaning, they know me well and know that my one glass of wine really equates to several. My intention of having one glass of wine and then returning to the hood was good; but, of course, didn't happen the way I planned. Instead, Sara Jo and I closed the place down and returned to Capitol Hill.
So, I wake up Monday with the intention of spending Monday night in. I wanted to recuperate and have a lazy night on the couch watching 24. Yes, I am a fan of that series. I like Kiefer Sutherland--always have.
Anyways, I went into work and at one o'clock, the Solera guys show up to sample some of our other beers. Recently, they decided to put our beer on tap and wanted to see what other options we could provide.
I walk over, hug Charlie and Maghan, and hope to sneak out of there without breaking my plans of night on the couch.
Well, Maghan asked me to go to the Rockies game and I agreed. I know. Not very difficult to break my resolve. It's just that I enjoy going to the games and I knew that Tiffany and Erik were going, too. It would be a fun outing and so I agreed to go to the game with Maghan.
We meet Tiffany, Anne, Mark and Erik at the Falling Rock. We had a quick chimay and then headed to Coors Field. Our tickets were in the Pavillions. Initially, I believed we would be closer to the Bull & Bush seats. Walking through the stadium, I realized I had made an error. The seats were still good and not in the Rockpile. We make our way to the seats and I see that we are sitting in front of a family of four. The couple had two boys--one probably 10 and other was 3 or 4. The younger boy, was adorable and had beautiful blue eyes. Maghan tried to talk to the kid, but he clammed up. The dad laughed it off and we turned our attention back to the game. Every now and then, we would turn to see what the kid was doing and if he had loosened up yet. He hadn't. Maghan asked what the kid liked to eat and the dad said--dipping dots.
Maghan goes up to the main area of vendors and returns with cotton candy. The dipping dots vendor was far away, according to Maghan. And really, what kid doesn't like cotton candy?
The parents accept graciously, hand it to the kid and they say thank you.
That was all.
The kid never had to say anything.
He ate the candy and they continued to laugh at how shy the boy was.
I thought Maghan's gesture was very nice. I was surprised that they accepted the cotton candy seeing that we were complete strangers and then disappointed that they didn't make their kid say thank you. What is this world coming to? What happened to manners?
Oh, and while we are sitting/watching the game, two people interrupt us to get to their place on the bench. I kick my beer since it was on the ground and they don't even acknowledge that it had happened. Also frustrating to me. I would have at least said, sorry.
We left the game since it was cold. True to form, I was underdressed. I did have a vest, but it wasn't enough. Plus, with the family of no manners and the couple that also displayed similar lack of class, we chose to return to the Falling Rock and enjoy a beverage there.
Overall, the night was a success and fun. I was in bed, early too, so it wasn't a complete fail of accomplishing time on the couch.
I wish the Rockies had won. I was able to watch Jason Giambi play first base which I enjoyed. Rockies games always provide entertainment...

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