Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy Memorial Weekend

Happy Memorial Day weekend!
Myself. I am consumed with work, the prospect of upcoming travel, running, eating healthier (trying to although not too successful), art festivals and avoiding spiders.
I want to start with the spider thing. As some of you know, while I was traveling abroad, I crossed paths with a spider that turned into a 5 month issue since I am anti-Western Doctor. Yes, I am stubborn and stupid in that regard.
Instead of going to a doctor, immediately, upon my return to the States, I kept wishing this problem away. I won't go into details. Let me just say....for 5-6 months, I had a difficult time sitting down. I feared spiders prior to this path crossing incident, but now have the ultimate respect for what they are able to do.
My friend, Sara Jo, is an x-ray technician. She told me of a client that was insistent on having his foot x-rayed since he believed a spider had laid eggs in his foot. They complied, found nothing, but still, this guy believes there is something in his foot where the spider bite him. He has had his foot re-opened several times to look into it.
As idiotic as that sounds, I do understand his desire to have his foot looked at. I had a staph infection that kept popping up. I think he should calm down with re-opening his wound since that can create infection, too. Not to mention, pain and more time to heal.
Then, the other night, I was remaking my bed, with clean sheets, and a spider stared at me near my bed. I couldn't get it to leave and so I slept on my couch until 4 a.m. when I woke up, cramped, and couldn't figure out why I was on the couch.
Today, I made lunch (somewhat successful with healthy food alternates....I suppose, really, I feel successful when I make my own lunch instead of getting take out) and as I approached the oven to check on my sandwich I see a spider dangling in front of me. Calmly, I back up and look at where it is hanging from. I open the fridge and see that it is connected to that door, too. I opt to wait it out and write about it.
I do respect spiders. They are, in the animal totem, supposed to inspire creativity and writing. Plus, according to Dr. Bryn, they bring money to you. And, all of the other uses they have--eating unwanted insects, etc. Still, I do not like seeing them--dangling from my ceiling, or hanging out near my bed. I know. I have an irrational fear. However, I still have flashbacks to the bite, the infection, recovery, etc.
I considered going to the art festival, downtown, this weekend. I have no idea what they are offering, but thought about it. So, if you are in downtown Denver, check it out and let me know how fantastic it is.
I think I am too relaxed. I had some body work done and while there, the therapist, popped my back. I love when that happens. A nap seems so inviting, pre-work, and I believe it will be order. As long as the spider stays in the kitchen, that is.
Regarding travel, my friend, Jan, from Phoenix is finally visiting me! Yea! I cannot believe it. I always go to her. This time, she will be here and I need some ideas of day trips from Denver. I am thinking Manitou Springs, Estes Park, Aspen or somewhere west. I will have to get a car. Jan is used to air conditioning 24/7 since she is a native of Phoenix. I know she will not be happy with my natural car or apartment, for that matter.
I am running the Bolder Boulder on Monday with the Goddess. It will be my first and maybe, only, time doing this. I don't know. It is an extremely popular event and I prefer the smaller, capped races, I am finding. Better shirts, less people to weave through or trying to get to the race amongst 50,000 others. Pocketsize is also doing the race, but she is a qualifying wave and determined to have a good race. I doubt that I will see her, unfortunately. Me, I think I might be overwhelmed by all of the sights, people and distractions. We shall see.
Regardless, I plan on enjoying this weekend. I hope you do, too.

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