Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Yesterday was the day of me defending my parent's choice for naming me, Harmony. My name is unusual, not crazy atypical, but unusual.
For example, last night, I was serving and these two men sit on the patio. They complained of the sticky table which was annoying since I had just wiped it down. The outdoor tables always seem to be sticky. It is the finishing agent an so I hear this complaint frequently.
They are in the process of addressing this problem---one table at a time. However, from the start of my interaction with these two men, I was annoyed. They seemed nitpicky.
And, they were only drinking water. I prefer drinkers when I am serving. It is less refill action for me.
Regardless, I return to the table to take their order. The older gentleman asked me my name.
My response, "Harmony".
He looks at me and says, "Alright, Harmony, we are not quite ready."
I make another round of my station and eventually return to the sticky table men. Instead of ordering, the guy says, "Is Harmony really your name? Or is it your made up server name?"
I look at him, in disbelief, and go, "Yea, it's my made up server name....actually, my parents were hippies..."
This begged the question--how old are your parents?
I tell him. He was surprised and his companion said--oh, you are the same age. At this point, I am praying that I will be able to walk away from the table soon. I mean, come on, really--made up server name? I have been asked if it is my stripper/stage name and given the same look of irritation to the person asking. My name is not that odd. Unusual, not Daiqueri, yes, that's right, Daiqueri. One of my co-workers works with a girl, named, Daiqueri. That would be difficult. All of the stupid comments about how this girl received her name. You know...your name was inspired after your mom was drinking that drink. Lovely and annoying.
The water men left, finally, after asking if I wanted to talk more with them. Honestly, after they made my fun of my name, I had no interest in any conversation with them outside of basic server speak--dessert? coffee? How is your meal?
Afterwards, this couple came in that I have waited on a few times. They have two daughters that also frequent the Bull. Eventually, the guy asks--what is your name again? I tell him.
They are eating, drinking wine and enjoying themselves. I clear their plates and the guy says--Isn't Harmony what you can eat?
I go, "No, that is hominy. My name is Harmony. You know, like music?"
Idiot! I wasn't named after corn.
I don't know why I was so annoyed or why it happened twice, last night. Normally, it is a rare occasion where someone questions my name or my parent's decision to name me as such. They had insight, I guess, or so I would like to believe. I do not meet many other Harmony's in my travels.
I recounted the story to Sara Jo, this morning, while in the dry sauna. Her question to me was--do you think Melody's have this issue with their name? I don't. I think it is more normal to meet a girl named Melody. I could be wrong though.
It was a random night.


Nancy said...

I think it's rude to ask your name. Like - why do you want to know? What does it have to do with serving you? I know, I'm crabby. But I have two daughters and I really don't like men asking them personal questions. And then making issue of your name is just plain rude. I'm with you on this one.

(BTW - in answer to your question on my blog - I'm not sure where my daughter is in Costa Rica. Somewhere about six hours from the airport by bus, that's all I know. Come to think of it - I really should have asked!)

harmony said...

Thank you! I agree. It was rude and it stayed with me for a day.
I am sure that your daughter is loving Costa Rica. There is so much to enjoy! The beaches, coffee, colors, people. I am envious!

Shari said...

I have been having a blue day and reading your blog just cheered my up. Thanks, Harrrmooony
I love you and I love your name. Now reading your comments makes me want to travel. Shari

Anonymous said...