Saturday, May 1, 2010

Heading southwest to my other home

When I think of home, I see Santa Fe.
Always have. Even as a teenager, I felt, at home, in Santa Fe. I went on a class trip in middle school and a month later, my dad took us on our annual vacation. I was the tour guide, that time, and showed my sisters Bandelier National Monument Park, river rafting and Santa Fe.
Although, I haven't rafted, since, I have been to Bandelier a few times and somehow manage a trip to Santa Fe, twice, annually. This year, it seems that I will be fortunate, enough, to visit more often. I went in January and February. I hope to run the Chips and Salsa 1/2 in Albuquerque in September, too. I will find a way to stay in Santa Fe, that trip, too. I am not a fan of Albuquerque, but the Goddess and I, both, love Chips and Salsa. What a great sponsor for a 1/2 Marathon!
So, Santa Fe is my destination for May.
I had considered a trip to Portland. I really did. But, it isn't a good time for Jade or Michaela. I know it would be stressful for them. I could have flown to Portland and spent 3 days there, independent of them, but it seemed like a waste of a trip. If I am that close to them, I should at least make an effort to see them and my niece and nephews. Another time.
Seattle was out. I went there in February.
San Francisco, well, I will be there in August and October. I wanted to go elsewhere. But, dreams of San Francisco kept occurring. I do love wine country and tht city. No car is necessary. People are everywhere and the food factor; well, I would be overwhelmed with options.
Las Vegas has many, food, food and theatre. But, it didn't feel right, to me.
I thought about Boise, Idaho. I could rent a car and drive to Stanley, Idaho, which was recommended by a friend of mine. I respect Cotten's opinion and travel sense. He supported my trip to Europe in 2001 and was the only one that could talk me out of going. Foolishly, I thought I would be fine in Greece, a week after 9/11. He told me to wait and all of my other friends and family were relieved that someone, somehow, managed to talk me into staying stateside.
Customers suggested Vancouver or San Diego. I had three days to fill and preferred a road trip. I could have flown to San Diego and headed north. And, I enjoy California. But, for whatever reason, I kept seeing Santa Fe. I had visions of it and finally, last night, knew that I needed to go to my other "home".
I booked my hotel today and hope to meet up with Melody for supper. I think I might drive through Taos on the way down and stop at Old Blinking Light for lunch or there is a cute, local bar, in the plaza that has great margaritas. I cannot remember the name of that particular establishment, but I remember enjoying how comfortable it was. There were several regulars/townies at the place. They must know something, right?
Either way, if I drive through Taos or head straight to Santa Fe, I am looking forward to my upcoming road trip. I want to go to Madrid, New Mexico, too. It is an artist commune, south of Santa Fe. Road trips are liberating and I need one.
Enjoy today, however you choose. I chose to plan travel and another adventure. It continues to keep me centered....


katalinaTX said...

what a great article, I recently started a travel blog myself, called Traveling for the Young Fabulous and Broke if you get a chance check it out

harmony said...

Thank you for stopping by. I will check it out! I have been wanting more travel inspiration and opportunity. I look forward to your blog.

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