Wednesday, May 12, 2010

couch like weather

Snow in Denver. In May. Mind boggling.
It isn't that much snow in the metro area; however, it snowed, today, and inspires on the couch weather.
I had lunch plans with a friend. We had talked about it for a few weeks, but our schedules did not mesh. I ran into him, last week, and we chose Wednesday to meet for lunch.
Last night, I felt the need to back out of the lunch and instead go a different day. I wasn't feeling charming. I don't know how else to explain it. I felt like being alone and was trying to come up with a reason as to why I needed to back out.
The weather sounded lame. My aunt needing me created a situation where she might really need me. Headache...well, you get the picture. Any white lie that I used as an excuse could potentially come back and bite me in the ass. You know, while I am at work, I could develop a ridiculous headache. Car issues are never fun or invited in my life and so I knew that I wouldn't go that route with my back-out plan.
I asked Sara how she would back out of the prearranged lunch, without telling the truth....that I didn't feel charming or like going to lunch. She said--just go. Have fun. When I explained my lack of interest in going to lunch, she understood. There are times when I prefer being alone.
While I pondered the way to do it, I realized that I should mix a half-truth. I wanted to go on a different day, where I felt better, and have the time to enjoy lunch. I didn't want to feel rushed. And, that was the truth. Lunch today would be rushed. I work at 4 and have an appointment at 3. I am offering advice to a young girl traveling to Australia.
We finish our workout, enjoy the sauna and shower. I check my phone and my lunch date had called. I knew that he had canceled and I was relieved. I wouldn't have to do it, myself. I had also been considering which would be less lame--a text or a call. I thought about texting since I didn't want to interrupt his meetings. But, a text feels so an afterthought. That was not my intention. When we agreed to lunch, I was excited. Today, just wasn't that day.
Instead, I made lunch. For once, I felt domestic and wanted to use some of the tomatoes I had purchased. I made a spinach, onion and tomato omelette. I hope to keep on track with this new side of domesticity.
Of course, we will go to lunch on a more inviting day, for me. Something about this weather makes me feel blah......

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