Monday, May 17, 2010


The race went well. Thankfully.
I woke up at 7. Not much sleep, at all, but really, who can sleep prior to a race? I showered, checked the bus route for the thousandth time to make sure that I had the correct time, grabbed my i.d. for post drink cocktails, water bottle (to hold said i.d., keys, $$) and headed to the Denver Aquarium.
My bus stopped shorter than I had thought and so I walked the final distance to the relay start. I walked against the runners and felt somewhat foolish since most of them were marathoners who were entering their final stretch. I remember the last few miles and how it seems like they are never ending.
Anyways, I arrived and waited, and waited and waited. I got their early since I was afraid that I would miss the hand-off.
Sara came flying in, looking for me, and I shouted her name. We high-fived and I was off. I ran up 17th, past the Thin Man---considered stopping there for a drink or a cookie, but continued to the entrance of City Park. At this point, I had little over a mile left, but I was ready for it to be over. I kept thinking--when does this park end? Where is the finish? The mind can play tricks.
Everything said and done, our team finished in 4:28:17...not too bad, considering Luz had run 22 miles the previous day. And, Sara is a novice runner.
She loved it and I think I have convinced her to sign up for the Idaho Springs-Georgetown 1/2 too.
I am preoccupied with dinner plans. I will reflect more on this later. I am so thankful that I signed up for it and did it. It was my first 5 mile run in a race atmosphere. Prior to this race, I was more 1/2-Full marathon oriented. Now, I see the need for speed....

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