Thursday, May 20, 2010

Horseman's Haven

Typically, when I travel, I enjoy dining where the locals eat. Yes, I do try some high end places, but I enjoy dining at mom and pop locations over chains, any day of the week.
I was determined to find green chile while in Santa Fe. New Mexico, in general, is a green chile mecca. I wanted to find the ultimate chile and/or breakfast burrito since I love burritos, too.
In the Santa Fe welcome guide, they had listed Tomasito's, Tia Sofia's, Horseman's Haven and The Shed. I had been to Tomasito's and was not that impressed. Jan and I dined there when we explored the city, back in 2005. Apparently, most tourists enjoy the fare there, and so the bed and breakfast hostess sent us there, based on other tourist's likes. Afterwards, she mentioned that she never ate there since it wasn't her thing. I told her that she should always be honest with food suggestions.
I have been to the Shed, several times, and it is okay. Again, it isn't what I would seek out. I have tried the guacamole and blue corn enchiladas. I don't remember seeing much chile offered. I am sure that they have it, though, since it is a food destination for most people while in Santa Fe.
Tia Sofia's was fine when I went on a different visit. Family owned/operated with a homey feel. It is located in the Plaza which is ideal for my walk factor. Ironically, the owner of Tia Sofia's and I use the same massage therapist. Somehow, I manage to snag the massage before his on each visit to Santa Fe. He is a nice man and he takes care of himself by getting regular massages.
Nevertheless, I received my body work on Tuesday and decided to scratch my chile itch. From Melody's house, she directed me to Horseman's Haven. I had a map of Santa Fe. I had the address. I figured I would be able to find it.
I drove north of Cerrillos Road and tried to find the establishment. I was post-massage and so I needed to urinate and replenish. Basically, I needed to release the toxins. I was in a hurry and impatient. Noting that, I had difficulty locating the restaurant. There are not many addresses marked along Cerrillos Road. And, I really had no idea what the building looked like. I only knew that it had amazing chile according to the guide, locals and yes, Melody also enjoyed the chile. She said to steer clear of the chicken since she thought she might have gotten sick from that on a previous visit.
Eventually, I am able to find the Horseman's Haven. I did a few drive-by's on Cerrillos before I was able to find it. It is right next to a gas station. Convenient since I was planning a road trip to Georgia O'Keefe country after lunch. Anyways, I parked and entered the building. Diner style and full of hungry people. I sit at the bar, peruse the menu, and have a hard time choosing what sounds right. Of course, there wasn't just a bowl of green chile. They had burritos, breakfast, posole, etc. I chose the breakfast burrito--eggs, bacon, tortilla, smothered with green chiles and cheese. The burrito was accompanied by breakfast potatoes and they were perfect! I lapped up the potatoes with the chile and was in heaven. The green chile, itself, was spicy, very spicy. I couldn't stay away from it, though. I inhaled water, trying to calm the heat. Service at the counter was fine. I could tell it was a local favorite since there didn't appear to be too many tourists.
Super cheap, filling lunch was provided by the Horseman's Haven. I believe that it will be a destination stop for future visits to Santa Fe. I know where to find it, now. It is a drive from the Plaza. I am sure that a bus goes by it. I had some time restrictions and I planned a trip to Abiquiui. My car was welcome and necessary.
That chile satisfied!

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