Monday, May 24, 2010

Trying to use bulk items instead of single size portions----Change the World Wednesday....

Uninspired to blog, but wanting to do something, I have been semi-participating in the Change the World Wednesday challenges. Reduce Footprints continues, weekly, to ask us to reduce our individual carbon footprints in unique ways. There has been paper, water, commuting inspired challenges.
This past week, they posted a challenge about single serving packaging....try to omit these from your diet/shopping for a week.
Meaning, do not purchase single serve yogurt, fruit, etc. Basically, buy in bulk and create your own meals. Cut out the supposed convenience of single serve portions to further cut back on waste.
I understand why these portion sizes work. For me, it is all about convenience, when it comes to food. I eat at work, daily, since it is quick, convenient and efficient. I don't have to worry about cleaning up, packaging or prepping. I order what I want and it arrives.
Plus, I like the food at the Bull and I have worked there, forever, and so if I want bacon and eggs, at night, they will make it for me. I am lazy. It is easier, for me, to rely on our kitchen to provide my meal.
Or, I choose to dine out. Again, limiting my need for groceries and or bulk items. When I do shop, I tend to purchase items that I can use immediately. I do not buy in bulk since I rarely use all of the item.
However, in the last few weeks, I have made more of an effort to make my own meals. I want to be more healthy. I do enjoy the food, at work, but it is limited. We do not have a large supply of fruit or even salad toppings. I can only eat so many tortillas and avocados.
Saying that, I have been more creative with bringing my food to work. I suppose, it is because, there is a trend of employees, doing that, lately. It is summer and fresh vegetables and fruits dominate.
In an effort to utilize my groceries, I have been buying in bulk. It is somewhat frustrating trying to use all of the greens in the packages. However, I do have some help, from Sara Jo--my neighbor/friend for life. I foist all of my unused greens or avocados onto her. I think we both benefit from the arrangement. I am able to incorporate more options into my diet and she has more access to said options.
My solution is to have Sara use my produce and freeze the rest. I am trying to make it work or think outside of the box. The other day, I made a spinach and strawberry smoothie. I realize how delightful smoothies can be and how wonderful it was to use the strawberries that I froze instead of buying frozen strawberries. And, I had ample spinach from the bulk container.
I hope you find this challenging and useful. I know that I have.....Good luck on reducing the single serve portion size!

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