Monday, November 15, 2010

Sunday Funday

Yesterday, I was a normal person.
Normal, in the sense, that I didn't work Sunday morning. I, too, was able to join the masses and be served mimosas and Sunday brunch.
At the Brown Palace no less. Talk about decandence, delight and enjoyment.
Brie and Melissa met me at the Brown Palace. They, too, typically work every Saturday brunch or both. A few weeks ago, I commented to Melissa that we should enjoy the weekend like normal people. I told her to pick the Sunday and we would make it work.
Of course, once we had agreed to the date, we needed a place to dine.
I love Elway's but knew that Brie only sort of liked it. Plus, it is too easy, for me, to go there. A friend of mine suggested Lucille's and that, too, is a fall back. They are known for brunch and extremely busy on the weekends. I love their corn bread and they make a decent bloody mary. It wasn't a draw enough for me to say there.
The Highlands area was recommended but I wanted to be able to cab it back to my house without spending a fortune.
Then, out of genius, one of my bartending friends said--you know, if you want to do it right, you should go to the Brown Palace.
I texted Brie and Melissa and asked them if they thought this would be a good idea. They did and so I made reservations for brunch.
It was lovely. There was a table covered with seafood, crab legs, sushi, sashimi. They had a carving station that I avoided and another table dedicated to individually made omelettes. Yummy!
And, the champagne flowed.
They have a 4 tiered system to price out the brunch. I have had Dom, before, but I was unwilling to pay $185 to mix it with orange juice. The Chandon was perfect for us.
I went running to prepare for the feeding frenzy that would commence. Truly, I ate, a lot, but not too crazy. I loved the sushi and omelette. The desserts were subpar. Disappointing, in all fairness. The server told us to save room and really pushed them. The desserts were not all that.
After brunch, we took the free mall ride to head to Larimer Square. It was a little cold and they thought about taking a cab. I prefer walking, but knew the bus was a fair compromise. Since it was 3ish, our options were limited. We walked into Capitol Grille and the bartender told us they were not open yet. Bummed since I wanted a Stoli Doli.
Around the corner is Euclid Hall. Open and ready for us to continue our own version of Sunday Funday.
Eventually, we did go to Capitol Grille and I did drink a stoli doli. Awesome day--full of lively conversation and drinks. Thankful for friends and work....

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