Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday's workout

I have my final 16 miler on Saturday. Taper commences that afternoon. So thankful for the taper!

Since I fell yesterday, I opted to cross train, today, with a strength training video. Granted, my injuries are not that apparent, visibly or physically, according to the Barefoot Runner. When I told him of my humiliating fall, he said--you cannot even tell that you fell. You are walking well and have minor scrapes on hands and knee. Your ankle, well, that is a little swollen, but you are still walking.
We went to dinner to celebrate his awesome marathon finish in the Outer Banks Marathon. He finished his first marathon in 3:58:36. I was happy for him and so we went to dinner.

Well, today, I feel it. My left hip is sore. Must be where I absorbed most of the force of the injury instead of doing a face plant. That would be fun to explain. Yes, I am grateful that I managed to avoid hitting my face.
My ankle isn't too swollen but it's stiff and isn't functioning properly. I am unable to pop my ankle. I know that sounds odd to most people, but I adjust most of my joints daily. Yes, I am able to pop my elbows and do it frequently. That one seems to freak most people out. To me, it feels great.

My video is one of Gunnar Peterson's DVD's. He is associated with J. Lo. He was her trainer for years. He knows his moves and I like his one Training Camp dvd since it is a full body workout with emphasis on the arms. I need more upper body strength to propel through the marathon. If only I had not waited to tackle this part of the training plan, right?
I feel a little guilty about not running, today, but since I have 16 miles to do, Saturday, I wanted my ankle to rest/heal so that the 16 miles would be a breeze. In my mind it's going to be. Must be a breeze...
The weather was gorgeous and I walked around Capitol Hill before deciding to do the workout video instead of running. There is always tomorrow. I think after work, tonight, I will take another salt bath to further loosen up my achy joints/legs.
Enjoy your day!

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Rachael @ The Little Birdie said...

16 miles!?!? Holy cow! Go you! Can't wait to hear all about it...