Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wine Monday

My running partner, canceled our running date, last night, due to sickness. He did the right thing. The last thing I need, right now, is to get sick. I feel healthy and want to keep it that way.
Sara Jo and I had wanted to spend Thanksgiving together--drinking ample wine, eating awesome food and generally doing what we wanted. Unfortunately, her job got in the way. She is an x-ray tech and has to work on Thanksgiving either the early morning or afternoon shift. She was unable to trade with anyone and so we waited to hear back from a few people if they would at least switch a shift. Her shift is from 3-midnight which allows for nada--no wine, no champagne, no alcohol--at least pre shift and afterwards, well, that didn't sound that enticing either.
So, we opted to celebrate last night. We went to Sienna which is a cute wine bar located on 12th/Steele. I had been there, before, when it had only been opened for three weeks. I liked the atmosphere and had been wanting to return for some time. Since I dined at Elway's on Sunday, it was no longer an option to suggest to Sara.
Sienna has a lovely wine list. There are several reds available for $8 a glass that I like. We wanted to nibble on something eventually. There was one bartender and she was doing everything---greeting diners at tables, the bar, and making all of the food--prep/arrange/deliver. She was impressive in that regard and had a positive attitude about it. We were surprised that she was the only person working.
We chose the cheese plate and added figs to it. Their menu is small and utilizes most of the ingredients in multiple dishes. I liked the cheese course but there was not anything else, different, that would be of use to us. I didn't want to order the bruschetta for another baguette.
The only negative about the bartender was that she waited, each time, until our wine glass was completely empty. Then, she would ask--would you like another glass of wine?
Me, I am a pusher. I try to anticipate the needs of the customer and suggest the drink sooner, rather than later. I want them to enjoy themselves.
Her method was lax.
We paid and headed back towards Capitol Hill. A lovely night, indeed, with fantastic conversation, wine and food. I wish their menu had more options. However, their prep space is limited to behind the bar. They have a small oven which is utilized but provides few opportunities for inventive appetizers. Plus, if they are full, I imagine, that the wait for food is long due to the one appliance available for use. I hope they are successful since the space is cute and a nice addition to the neighborhood.

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