Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Zu Zu

After we wine tasted in Napa and Santa Rosa, we had a beer at Russian River Brewery. The entire experience, up to that point, was lovely.

Granted, I was ready to shower, feel refreshed and consider dinner. Bouchon was out of question due to capacity and not wanting to drive to Yountville. I had heard many wonderful things about Zu Zu. They had tapas and since there were four of us, it would be an excellent way to sample the food.

We walked into the establishment and took the best table in the place. We were seated in the front window of the restaurant. I looked over and saw the couple from Failla. On their way out, the guy stopped over and thanked me for the recommendation. They decided to dine at Zu Zu after our conversation at Failla. His companion was boozy. I think the wine tastings were too much for the lady.

We brought a bottle of wine from St. Francis Winery to begin the night. Our waiter opened it for us and we began determining our meal.
We tried everything--queso frito, octopus, cheese, cod, beet salad, ceviche, and chilaquiles. I think I loved those the best! While we sat there, we drank two more additional bottles of wine and coursed our courses. It was a two+ hour meal and extremely enjoyable.
Thank goodness for my friends. Really, they didn't argue with me about price, selection or how much wine I was determined to drink. It was awesome. My idea of dining perfection. Plus, my day began at 4:15 am so that I could shower before the Healdsburg Half. Dining that way was the best way to end the night.

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