Monday, July 25, 2011


Fun filled trip to Oregon. I convinced my friend, Jan, to accompany me. She could use a break from the heat inspite of the fact that she is a native of Phoenix and very accustomed to dealing with the intensity of the sun. Oregon would be a welcome change.
For me, I wanted to check out Oregon in the summer. My previous trips were earlier this year and cold. Definite pants weather which I refused to wear. Summer would be a nice change from my previous travel experience. However, it rained more than I would have liked to see. I should have brought pants.
This is my brother-in-law, Jeremy. Nice mohawk, right? We enjoyed a lovely mexican restaurant near his house. I love the salsa and the margaritas are nice, too. We started the day out near the train station and did some people watching while enjoying some local pints of beer. If ever, in Eugene, Ninkasi Brewery makes a delightful beer. I tried the india pale ale as well as the stout. Had we had more time, Friday, we definitely would have returned to the taproom to drink more beer.
I digress. After Ninkasi, we checked out the Davis and small talked an acquaintance of Jeremy's. The menu, although enticing, did not convince me to stay there. I had mexican fare on the mind.

Jade met us for lunch at the Boulevard. I convinced her that we needed an "adult only meal" and then we didn't partake in beverages. Nice, right? However, the night before was memorable in that department. I found out that Jade is now drinking vodka.

Boulevard was fine. Great service but the food was mediocre. I confused the menus that I had been checking out on-line. There was a place I wanted to check out. My luck, it wasn't open. No way around that. And, I wanted to find a place that Jade had not checked out. In the past, Jade and I have checked out Cafe Zenon, Marche, Steelhead, and Chapala (a mexican fave of hers). Next time, it might be preferable to return to what we know. Maybe, I will even go to Chapala. Personally, I prefer the salsa at the El Jarro Azul. Jeremy likes that place and I have checked it out on a few occasions.

Jan and my niece got along famously. Dogsitting was the focus (somewhat) but we also made time to see my family people that I consider family. Thankful to experience two dinners at Jade's house. The first one Tab grilled bbq chicken and peppers, zucchini and tomatoes. Well, I grilled those. I insisted to Jade (annoyingly, perhaps), but I wanted to make sure that my friend was comfortable and I adore veggies. Moreoever, I thought, maybe, the kids would enjoy the grilled vegetables. Hands down the zucchini won that battle. I think my adventurous niece tried the tomatoes as well. I think the peppers were my favorite. Small steps.

The other dinner was composed of grilled salmon, potatoes and green beans. This time, though, only Emery hung out with the adults. The other kids had other plans which I completely understand. I remember being a teenager, in the summer, and determined to hang out with my friends or babysit. Yes, I was that kid. Always trying to babysit to make money. College would not pay for itself.

Spending time with family was extremely pleasant. My only regret is that I didn't take nearly enough photos of the trip. Somehow, Easton eluded me the entire vacay. Next time, I will make sure to capture some photos of him.
Nevertheless, very thankful for the opportunity to go to Oregon, see friends, family and check out new restaurants. Pete was a wonderful companion too. We spoiled him. Two walks, each day, and we spent some time in Mossyrock, Washington, at a friend's cabin. Jean lives near a lake and has a golden retriever. For the first time, I think, Pete spent two solid days with another dog and was able to get along quite well.

Off for a run or a cocktail. Undecided. All that is certain is that I will comment more on my trip later. Cheers!

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