Sunday, July 10, 2011

saturday--started out productive

Made it thru spin class #4 of the week. The instructor, although kind/sweet, is not very inspiring. About ten minutes into the class, mentally, I had checked out of it. The following fifty minutes dragged on and on and on. I daydreamed about the other instructor and how motivating Chris is. He rocks it out--loud music, sings along to it (sometimes) and encourages us to GO! Go! Go! The hour disappears quickly and I leave feeling confident that I had a suitable work-out.
Yesterday my effort was minimal. I felt good that I went but know that I should have exerted more in that class. I got by. Afterwards, a spicy mexican meal sounded delightful. I considered walking back to the casa (5 miles one way). This was before I knew both of my friends would be accompanying me to lunch. When I knew they were both in, I knew I had a secure ride each direction. Tasty fare and spicy. Exactly what I needed.
I cleaned the refrigerator out and did some other tasks that I had been putting off. Pure procrastination. In the last few weeks, I have written a few cards and sent out birthday cards. Still, I had some items that needed to be packaged and sent. Two of my cousins (sisters) have had babies a few months ago. Jessi had a girl and her sister, Theresa, had her second son. I have seen a few photos of the kids together and it is so sweet. It makes me jealous and sad at the same time for my own sisters. Up til now, only Jade has kids. They are sweet, delightful, challenging and gorgeous. Of course, I am biased. I can admit it. Who isn't when it comes to their own family?
Regardless, there are no cousins for Jade's kids to bond with. Until now. Little Jasmin is pregnant and due in November. Exciting times for her and us, for sure. Still, even her child will not have the same opportunity as Jessi and Theresa's kids since Jasmin is in Kansas and Jade lives in Oregon. The pictures of the cousins are adorable.
I read some. I had a book that seemed intriguing but became predictable and ended up being entirely too hokey. Mental reminder. Never reading another book by that author. The premise seemed interesting--a man cuts ties with his family to pursue the love of his life. For 15 years they are happy, broke, but able to sustain their livelihood. They have two kids and make an honest life in North Carolina. The story begins where the man must return to Virginia to ask his family for money. His wife is sick and they need the cash. In exchange for the money, he will have to do something for his family--take in his nephew for the summer to save face for his family. His nephew believes that he was abandoned by this man and so there is potential friction there. Not to mention his own wife's reaction or the dynamics that are created within his own family from this decision. I forgot to mention that the man is a twin and that it was his twin's son. Gets more complicated from here and turns into this lame cesspool of fiction. Enough on that.
So, my day began productive--spin class, cleaning out the fridge, writing letters, reading and concluded by watching a movie. Half watching Wall Street since I fell asleep and then Silence of the Lambs came on. This movie captivates still. We caught it near the beginning of the film. Watching it, I remembered when it was released. My friend, Jennifer Ogden, and I snuck into the movie theater to watch it. We were 13 or 14 and I remember looking around and seeing that we were the only kids in the theater. Obviously for a reason. The movie is intense and chilling. To me, still, during parts of it. I texted Jennifer last night about the film. Her response--man, that was ages ago.
How true. Ahhh, fond memories of youth. freedom. possibility. We traded a few more texts and I think I will see her later in the year. Fall, probably. Or, perhaps, I will find myself in the Westport area. I haven't been back to see my dad in awhile and with my sister having a baby--yep, a visit to Kansas is formulating. If not late this year, than, early next year. I will need photos of my niece or nephew.
Yes, productive and then not so productive. Gotta love Saturdays. Today, I woke up with the intention to go for an early run. Hoping that I would find find a way to skip it. I didn't and I feel better for it. Even if it was only a few miles. I did it and now I feel great.
As it is Sunday, I need to begin considering the food factor. I like having this as part of my weekly routine--the Sunday night meal.
Happy Sunday~hope it is joyful....

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