Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lazy Saturday

Skipped the 5:30 am run with the one running group. Truly, it had been an option but for whatever reason, I knew that I would miss the initial Saturday. It didn't feel right. I mentioned maybe going with Tom and insisted that it would have to be before 8 am. Otherwise, running would not be part of my Saturday routine.
He agreed and suggested attending his spin class. I pondered that option before committing to skipping the earlier run. The group would run a different area that I was accustomed too. Still it was insane early and I didn't feel like it.
At 6 am, there was a knock on my door. I could smell coffee (I was immediately awake) and stretching. I walked outside to sense the temperature factor and it wasn't too bad yet. About 6:45, we headed out. I knew it would be an easy pace without hills as we had a spin class to contend with, too. We ran about 30 minutes and it was nice. Too easy and I was regretting my decision to skip the group run. I need to be running more miles, preparing, for the upcoming half. Choosing to run 3 miles on the designated long run day was not going to cut it. Next week, I will run with the group.
Anyways, we returned and Tom made us toast and eggs. There were a few hours between the run and spin class. I was all for the food factor and trying to decide if I really wanted to go to the class or find a way to back out. Still, I had committed to going and knew that that was the right thing to do.
Off we went to the gym. Checked in and headed to the spin class. I looked around and it was a mix of ages. Definitely dominated by males and most of the people were already warming up by cycling. I adjusted the seat and wiped off the equipment before fully settling in. Uncertain of how the next hour of my life was going to go. Of course, Tom was supportive and encouraging. On the way over to the gym, he explained the equipment and what to expect. He told me that this particular instructor was pleasant, had okay music and he preferred a few of the other instructors. The girl was adequate but not super challenging.
We arrive ten minutes early and waited. I joined in on the cycling factor. Circle. Slow. Cycle. Stop. Wait.
Is the instructor joining us? Yes. Soon. She sub'd for some other class.
Hold tight. Cycle. Check clock. Cycle. Relax. Cycle. Wait....
Instructor arrives. Thankfully. Cycle. Wait. Breathe.
Pump it up~or not. Too loud....perhaps, I am unused to it being this loud--according to the instructor. She adjusts the music and we are off. An hour of intense cycling. Not that bad in all honesty. Afterwards, I could walk and without too much difficulty. My only other experience with spin class made me hurt. I suppose the three flights of stairs to the locker room added to it. My legs took a beating that day.
Now, I have a two week guest pass and I feel I will return to spin class. I will check out other instructors to gage their music and intensity.
We found another coffee shop after the class. Stocked up on veggies at the market and headed home. My friend was cleaning out the pantry. For the most part it was organized just overrun with product. She went through and sorted out all of the past due items and cleaned the shelves. This took the entire day. I read, made more to-do lists (I seem to do this on a daily basis) and waited. I couldn't decide what I wanted to do that night. Eventually, Jan knocked on my door and said--I know where we can go and use a pool.
That decided everything. We packed a cooler of ice, beer, limes and headed to her neighbor's house. Glorious. Resembled bath water--a little--but still what a nice way to cool off and combat the heat. A pool definitely makes a difference. Perfect way to spend a Saturday.
Today, I will meet up with friends and bbq with them. Lovely holidays~

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