Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Tonight, I could either return home to dine with friends, play volleyball or find a pool to enjoy with friends that were in town. Truly, the pool idea enticed me the most. Unfortunately my friend, Jonny, from out of town was under the weather. Hungover, mostly, but unable to get off the couch where he was staying. We talked a few times and although, I would have enjoyed hanging out with him the most, I knew that he was probably out for the evening. I sensed it while having lunch. Most times, he is ADD and somewhat entertaining because of the wild tangents he uses in conversations. Today, he was somber and more interested in his phone than a conversation. He couldn't wait til I left so that he could crash out on his friend's couch.
I spent some time perusing magazines and scanning books that I would like to read. Recently, I read the Hunger Games. Lovely book. I cannot wait to read the next book of the trilogy. Anyways, I was still hopeful (somewhat) that Jonny would be able to go to dinner and get off the couch. I texted to suggest some places and he did not respond. I waited a little longer and than decided to inform him that I wanted to play volleyball but would be able to meet after volleyball. Immediately, he responded telling me to go to volleyball and that I should text him later.
Perfect. At least I now had a plan. I left the bookstore hoping to grab a sandwich or something before volleyball. Hunger dictated this. Driving along, I grab my nalgene bottle only to find that I didn't have it. Searching under the passenger seat, my purse and back seat yielded no result. I turned around and headed back to the bookstore. I know this sounds silly for a nalgene bottle but it has nostalgic value and I had to at least try to find it. I sprinted into the store and retraced my steps--bathroom, teen section to skim over the next installment of the Hunger Games, and fiction before approaching customer service. It went like this--I know this sounds random, but did someone turn in a blue nalgene bottle?
No--did you check the check out area? Perhaps they have it.
I walk up to the purchase area and ask the same question with the same result. However, at this point, I remember that I should check the chair that I sat in while reading magazines. Yep. There was my bottle. Grabbed it and headed to find a sandwich and go to volleyball.
I approach the volleyball park and see nine players. Small group this evening. Grateful to have the opportunity to play another Tuesday, but, for whatever reason, I was distracted. Ben, this guy that is typically a solid player, opted to leave after the first match. The other two players that are fun and joke around with me were absent as well. The chemistry of the people was off and I definitely had little to contribute. My serve was inconsistent and I had few opportunities to spike. Setting and digging out serves flowed. When we broke between matches, I took off. I wasn't feeling it. I suppose I had already decided to do something different this evening. Although a nice surprise, I played flat. There will be other chances to play and I must remember that. Tonight will be forgotten.

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